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Alumni Highlights

Positions currently held by our graduates:

  • Radio and TV Sports Announcers
  • Radio and TV Talk Show Hosts
  • Communications Director for Charlotte Motor Speedway
  • Communications Director for The North Carolina Transportation Museum
  • Minor League Soccer Executive
  • Minor League Baseball Executive
  • Radio music DJs and program directorsRadio Imaging Director
  • Newspaper Editor
  • Newspaper Staff Writers
  • In-house Corporate Advertising Specialists
  • Public Relations Specialists and PR Company Owners
  • NASCAR Team Executive
  • Bank Executives
  • U.S. Military Officers
  • British Royal Navy Officer
  • University Dean
  • Film Actress
  • Chamber of Commerce Executive
  • Marketing Specialists
  • College Football Coach
  • Professional Soccer Marketing Executive
  • Restaurant Owner
  • Regional Manager for a Fitness Firm
  • Communication graduates also work in a variety of other fields.

Meet a few of our alumni...

Jessica Gaskill '12
Communication Arts

"Catawba College and the Ketner School of Business gave me more opportunities than I ever dreamed possible. I was able to study abroad in Costa Rica, have personal relationships with my professors, and be involved in many activities on campus. I am so glad I chose Catawba!"


Cameron White '12
Communication Arts; Played Baseball

"I chose Catawba because I liked the small-campus atmosphere and I wanted to continue playing baseball. When I came to visit, everyone was very friendly and I could tell that it would feel like a home away from home. I was also drawn to the small class sizes. It was a great experience. After graduation, I want to stay involved in sports somehow, whether it's in sports journalism or some type of sports management position."


Stephanie Cook '12
Communications Arts; Business Administration and Spanish Minors; Played Tennis


Stephanie spent four weeks taking classes and studying Spanish in Madrid's Ciudad Universitaria accompanied by groups of students from different colleges and universities all across the U.S. as well as a group of her peers from Catawba. When she was not studying in the library, she devoted her time to playing tennis on the Catawba Women's Team, being a class officer in the Student Government Association, being a member of the Delphinian Society, and participating on the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC).


Brett Underwood '12
Communication Arts; Played Baseball

"I chose Catawba because I loved the size of the school and the community feel that it has. Catawba also has a great academic reputation which attracted me. I was given the opportunity to come and play baseball for the Indians, and I could not pass that up. Trying to decide on a major when I had no idea what career path I wanted to pursue was difficult. I had several classes my freshman year with the Communication Arts faculty, and I loved being in their classes. I also felt that learning the information in the field would benefit me regardless of what I chose to do in the future."


Alli Justice '12
Communication Arts; Played Softball

"Catawba offered me the opportunity to play collegiate softball at the Division II level, where I could devote my time equally between athletics and academics. The small class sizes offered me one-on-one opportunities to interact with my professors and, honestly, I enjoyed the idea of being a name rather than a number. The "southern hospitality" of Salisbury also got me hooked me on Catawba.

I chose Communication Arts in order to pursue my interest in public relations and sports journalism. It is the epitome of a liberal arts education because it is a broad major that offers a variety of job opportunities and careers choices. In today's economy you can never be too versatile, and versatility is just what a background in Comm Arts gives you."


Erin Kidd '11
Communications Arts

"I honestly chose Catawba because I liked the look of the campus. It was the most attractive campus out of all the colleges I toured. I also liked the small class sizes and all the activities that I could get involved in. I was an undeclared major until my sophomore year. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I decided to become a Communications major because I could do almost anything I wanted with this major. It is a broad field with jobs in all different types of categories.

Since becoming a Communications major, I feel that I have grown and I am now more outgoing and know more about the technologies used in the major."

Erin likes to hang out with friends, meet new people, eat, and participate in activities held on campus. Her on-campus activities include: Wigwam Productions, Catawba Chorale, and the Delphinian Society. She is also a junior reporter for the Student Newspaper, The Pioneer.


Alyssa Halter '10
Communications Arts; Minored in Spanish; Played Field Hockey

"I've never been happier in a job that finally incorporates my passion for fitness AND communications... Utilizing that Catawba degree and the Catawba athletic skills at the same time! I know that without my Catawba education and the kind of personal skills Catawba fostered in me, it's likely I wouldn't be where I am today."

Halter is current the regional manager for the growing, Virginia-based fitness firm, TidalWheel.


Laura Jollay '08
Communications Arts; Cheerleading

"I first enrolled at Catawba my freshman year, not knowing I would become a Communication Arts major. Communication Arts was the perfect choice because it gave me the ability to stretch my wings and explore different fields. I've had many opportunities to observe various aspects of this major course of study and I now realize that this was the reason why I have been successful at Catawba College."


Brittany Taber '07
Communications Arts

"As a freshman at Catawba I knew I wanted to be in the broadcast communication field. With that in mind I entered the Communications Arts department early. The professors have become my mentors and friends. Being a smaller major and being close to my professors got me into my dream internship with News 14 Carolina where I have made many connections to open up my future. I am so fortunate to be a part of the Communication Arts family at Catawba College."


Hilah Teague '07
Communications Arts

"The grand plans I had when I first entered Catawba took shape after a semester of classes. After searching for what I wanted to do with my life I found myself on the doorstep of the Communication Arts department. The friendly professors took me in and made me a part of the family. I have learned what my future can hold through hands-on experiences. I am so thankful to have found a department that offers me such a broad range of possibilities."