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Thursday Business Topics

SPRING  2014

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The Catawba College Institute of Business & Accounting is proud to present a series of free,  one-hour seminars on select Thursdays which focus on business topics  affecting individuals and small businesses.

Are you an individual or a  small business-person who:

  1. Has cash transactions handled by employees or others?
  2. Hires others to perform services?
  3. Wonders about tax withholding?           
  4. Seeks to invest money targeted for a particular purpose?

Join Professor Frank  Farina, Esq., CPA, for lively and informative presentations on the following topics: 

  • Thursday, February 20,  2014 @ 1pm
    Tom Smith Auditorium  
    Who’s watching your  purse?  Designing Effective Internal  Control Procedures and Checklists for Tracking Cash Receipts &  Disbursements. 

  • Thursday, March 20,  2014 @1pm
    Tom Smith Auditorium
    Who owes those employment  taxes?  Complying with IRS Rules for  Determining Status as Employee or Independent Contractor.

  • Thursday, April 10,  2014 @1pm
    Tom Smith Auditorium            
    Is that target on my  back?  Understanding and using targeted  mutual funds to achieve specific investment goals.

Reserve your spot by registering online or calling (704) 637-4421.

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