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Thrive Financially in Retirement

A financial course focused on those either retired or about to retire.


A two-part series:
- Tuesday, March 21, 2017 
- Tuesday March 28, 2017

6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Ketner Hall, Room 208
Catawba College Campus
(2394 Yost St, Salisbury, NC 28146)

Topics Include:

  • Creating a Retirement Plan In These Uncertain Times
  • Basic Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Essential Legal Documents
  • Protect Your Life's Savings from Investment MistakesRegister Now
  • How to Draw Income in Retirement
  • The Missing Estate Plan: Passing on your IRAs, 401ks and other Retirement Accounts

Learn Proven Financial Techniques for Living a Successful Retirement Lifestyle

If you are retired or getting close to retiring, this course will teach you fundamental principles to ensure your money lasts. Learn how to better manage and control your investments; get information on basic tax reduction strategies; increase your monthly income; protect your life's savings from investment mistakes; and avoid unnecessary estate taxes.

Learn how to plan for the threat of health care catastrophe; how to reduce taxes on IRA/401k distributions; and how to pass your life's savings to your heirs with minimal probate, tax and legal costs.

Who Should Enroll

This course focuses on the financial challenges and opportunities unique to today's retirees. If you are either retired or getting close to retiring, and want straight-forward answers to your questions and concerns, you should enroll in this class.

Topics will include all of the key financial areas that can help you achieve complete and total financial peace of mind during your retirement years.

Included will be a discussion of retirement opportunities created by recent legislation in Congress.

  • Learn secrets that Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch have used to grow wealth with less risk
  • Discover the single largest mistake estate planning pros make today, that could take up to 70% or more of your IRAs and 401ks
  • 3 common mistakes made with trusts – including why it is usually not a good idea to leave your IRA/401k to your trust

trentbradshaw.jpgYour Instructor - Trent Bradshaw, CFP®, AIF®

Trent Bradshaw was born and raised in Salisbury, North Carolina and is a 1995 cum laude graduate of Catawba College. He has been in the financial industry since 2000 and founded Bradshaw Financial Planning, Inc. in 2006. Trent is active in the Salisbury community as a member of the Catawba College Business School Advisory Board, Rowan County Chamber of Commerce, Civitan Club of Salisbury, YMCA Finance Committee and Rowan County YMCA Board of Directors.Trent is a teacher – a financial educator who enjoyssimplifying the complex and illuminating unseen financial options for investors.

Course Topics

Basic Tax Reduction Strategies

  • Increase income, but not income taxes
  • Reduce taxes on IRA/401k withdrawals
  • Reduce taxes on Social Security benefits
  • Reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes on the sale of highly appreciated assets
  • Are you holding the wrong investments inside your IRA/401k?
  • Basic estate tax reduction strategies

Savings Protection from Healthcare Catastrophe

  • Use out-of-favor assets to provide for long term care with pennies on the dollar
  • How Medicaid Planning works, and how it can benefit you
  • Get a return of your money with traditional insurance
  • How long term care policies really work; understanding the fine print
  • Plan for the threat of long term care without using traditional insurance

Essential Legal Documents

  • Common mistakes made with a will
  • Powers-of-Attorney documents
  • Living Wills: New Jersey AdvanceCare
  • IRA Asset Will: The most overlooked estate planning document today
  • Do you need a trust?

Protection from Investment Mistakes

  • Investing in uncertain economic times
  • Where to look for growth, security and income for retirement?
  • The eroding power of inflation on your retirement life's savings: How much will inflation change the rules of the game over the next 10 years?
  • Understanding the three phases of your financial life
  • Strategies Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch have used to increase returns while managing risk
  • Special Module: Discussion of the American Tax Payer Relief Act of 2012, including how it will affect you in retirement & estate planning

The Missing Estate Plan: Passing IRAs,401ks, and Other Retirement Accounts

  • Why many retirees could disinherit their grandchildren
  • Why some IRAs pay as much as 70% or more to the IRS
  • How to use your retirement account to leave family legacy
  • The complicated rules for Required Minimum Distributions
  • How to keep in-laws and your child's creditors from raiding your IRA/401k
  • Understanding Roth IRAs, including new conversion options
  • The one legal document most retirees must have, but almost no one does

Registration Information 

  • Tuition is $100 per couple OR $69 per person
  • Register online or by calling (704) 637-4405.

Register Now

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