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Admissions Requirements

Catawba College's Athletic Training Education Program is a competitive admission major. Because of the admissions requirements, it is also necessary for the entry level students (freshmen or transfers) to take (or have taken the equivalent of): PER 1525 Introduction 120 Physical Education to Athletic Training, PER 2901 Athletic Training Skills, PER 1290 First Aid & CPR. The above mentioned courses are to be taken in addition to general studies courses.

Early in the spring semester of the freshman or qualifying year, the prospective athletic training student is required to submit the following to the Program Director of Athletic Training:

  1. Completed Application, General Information Sheet and Questionnaire;
  2. Four letters of recommendation (other than family members), from teachers and/or employers (present and/or past), other;
  3. Copies of current American Red Cross First Aid and Pofessional Rescuer cards or equivalent as allowed by the Board of  Certification (BOC); 
  4. Copy of Immunization records
  5. Signed copy of the Catawba College A.T. Technical Standard Guidelines.
  6. Once admitted into the Athletic Training Program, the student must pass a physical exam and show proof of professional liability/malpractice insurance

Selection Criteria

  1. Required minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 after completion of the first semester of the freshman year,
  2. Minimum grade of a "C" in PER 1525 Introduction to Athletic Training and PER 1290 First Aid and CPR.
  3. Satisfactory completion of Freshmen Athletic Training Skills
  4. Acquiring a minimum of 50 clinical observation hours at Catawba College by the end of the Fall semester,
  5. Current American Red Cross Certifications in First Aid and Professional Rescuer or equivalent (prior to sophomore rotation),
  6. Personal interview for those students who meet all admissions requirements,
  7. Sound health that will permit the athletic training student to meet the established written technical standards of the athletic training program.

Retention Policies  (exceptions by discretion of athletic training program director)

  1. Maintain 2.0 grade point average (required by Catawba College to graduate)
  2. Satisfactory completion of competencies and proficiencies through the lab sections of the athletic training classes and clinical classes
  3. Satisfactory evaluations of performance in the practical setting by ACI's and/or off-campus rotation ACI's at regular end of semester intervals and/or regular season end
  4. Attain a "C"or above in all required athletic training classes
  5. Maintain current American Red Cross Certification in First Aid and Professional Rescuer or equivalent as allowed by the BOC
  6. Show proof of Professional liability/malpractice insurance

Students falling below a cumulative GPA of 2.0 will be placed on probation. Students must increase their GPA above a 2.0 after one semester in order to remain in the program. Failure to meet the 2.0 GPA requirement after one semester will lead to dismissal from the program. In certain circumstances, students who have been dismissed may reapply to the Athletic Training Program. The Director of Athletic Training and Athletic Training staff has final say in this matter.