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Alumni Highlights

Nate Over '13 nateover.jpg
Exercise Science Major; On the Men's Soccer Team

"I chose Catawba because it was a long way from home, and I wanted to enjoy the warm weather. It helped me learn how to survive on my own without my parents always holding my hand. I also came here to play Soccer. During my freshman year, I declared Exercise Science as my major because I like being involved in an athletic environment and helping people recover from injuries. After graduation, I plan to get my Master's degree in Physical Therapy. Overall, I am really excited to enter the Health and Medical field to help better today's society."

gibbs.jpgTara Gibbs '13
Exercise Science Major; On the Softball Team

"I chose Catawba because of the atmosphere surrounding the Catawba Community. I loved the endless amount of opportunities offered and how welcome I felt when I first stepped on the campus. I am an Exercise Science major because my love of sports and recreation is something I know that I cannot live without. I want to be able to help future athletes reach their highest potential while creating a safe and rewarding atmosphere. After I graduate, I want to be able to open my own sports and recreation facility that provides top instruction for serious athletes. Through the facility, I want to hold camps in order to promote fitness in the surrounding communities."

seim.jpgKate Seim '13
Exercise Science Major

"I chose to attend Catawba because of the family atmosphere, the beautiful campus and the small class sizes. I knew once I visited campus that it would be a perfect fit for me. I selected Exercise Science as my major because I enjoy many of the classes that are offered for this major. I plan on going to physical therapy school after completing my degree at Catawba. Exercise Science will help guide me into my future and help me prepare myself for graduate school. I know that helping injured people return to normal daily activities will be very rewarding. I know that the Exercise Science program at Catawba will provide me with the skills and education I need to become a successful individual."

dimarco.jpgMarissa DiMarco '12
Exercise Science and Physical Education Graduate; On the Women's Soccer Team

"After visiting Catawba a few times, I knew it was where I was going to be spending the next four years of my college career. Soccer was a major influence of my decision, but it was the beautiful campus, the warm weather, the small class sizes, and the Physical Education Department that solidified my decision. Since I was young, I knew I wanted to teach. I love being around sports and being active, so Physical Education was the perfect fit. I chose to double major in Physical Education and Exercise Science because I want to educate and motivate children to live a healthy life through eating properly and exercise. In the future, I plan on teaching and coaching, along with being a personal trainer. Eventually, I would also love to get my Master’s degree in Nutrition, but who knows what the future will bring!"

dameron.jpgJennifer Dameron '11
Exercise Science Graduate

"I chose Catawba because of the great academics that it had to offer as well as sports. I also loved the small school atmosphere and how the professors care about each student. I wanted to do something that kept me active and away from sitting behind a desk while staying in the sports atmosphere. I have really enjoyed the program. There are a lot of amazing people that helped me along my path to becoming a Physical Therapist."