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Dr. Karen Austen, HFI

Visiting Assistant Professor

Dr. Austen is the Coordinator of the Exercise Science major. Her doctorate is in Teaching Exercise Science. She has a doctoral concentration in Neurology with coursework in Biomechanics and Sport Psychology as well. She has worked in higher education virtually all of her life. She has been offered many opportunities and has "seized the day." Dr. Austen has taught full-time at the college level, junior college level and graduate level. She has been an Intercollege Head Coach in two different sports. She has been the leading Researcher for 52 health and wellness KERA/PBS copyrighted television programs broadcast internationally.

She traveled across the United States and overseas to train the trainers of the United States Marine Corps, United States Air Force, United States Army, United Sates Navy, United States Marshals, United States Customs Officers, FBI, and local law enforcement agencies in Exercise Science.

Dr. Austen has also been an Administrator in higher education, an Associate Director for the Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research, and an Associate Education Expert and Researcher for a criminal defense law firm (a position that she was motivated to take after one of her students was accused of a crime he didn’t commit).