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Alumni Highlights

Leanne Retundie '14 retundie.jpg
Exercise Science Major; On the Women's Soccer Team

"I chose Catawba because I knew I wanted a small school, where I would have the chance to work with my professors one-on-one. I was also looking to play soccer. I chose to major in Exercise Science because it is something that I have always been interested in. My mom was also a big influence because she is big into Exercise Science, and I have been surrounded by that atmosphere for most of my life. Also, I love learning about the body and how to keep it healthy, and things to help prevent injuries, since I am an athlete. After graduation, I plan to go into physical therapy."

lawson.jpgBrendan Lawson'14
Athletic Training Major

"I chose Catawba because I was impressed by the Athletic Training program. In my search, I found other schools' programs were lacking in passing rate for boards and hands-on opportunities. I also loved the way Catawba looked, and I felt at home on campus. Playing lacrosse here was also a major deciding factor. I first became interested in Athletic Training my junior year of high school thanks to a sports-med class I took. My mom is a family physician and my dad ran rescue for several years, so I have always been interested in Medicine. At the same time, I’ve been playing lacrosse for years and so Athletic Training was simply a combination of the two. After graduation, I hope to go on to med school."

Lindsay Smith '13 smith.jpg
Athletic Training Major; working on Master's in Athletic Training at UNC Chapel Hill

"I have really enjoyed being a part of the Athletic Training Program at Catawba College because it has provided me a wide variety of opportunities in the field of Athletic Training. I was able to learn so much information about Athletic Training and apply it in a clinical setting. Also, I was given the opportunity to research an area in the field I really loved. But most importantly, the program provided me with peers who turned into a family that I loved and cared for."

trawick.jpgCarly Trawick '13
Therapeutic Recreation Major

"I am a transfer student who is majoring in Therapeutic Recreation. After graduation, I want to work with children wih disabilities. I originally chose Catawba because both my parents went here. I am so happy with my decision, and couldn't be happier here. I am so happy to have my dreams come true with the help of Cat-U."

nateover.jpgNate Over '13
Exercise Science Major; On the Men's Soccer Team

"I chose Catawba because it was a long way from home, and i wanted to enjoy the warm weather. It helped me learn how to survive on my own without my parents always holding my hand. I also came here to play Soccer. During my freshman year, I declared Exercise Science as my major because I like being involved in an athletic environment and helping people recover from injuries. After graduation, I plan to get my Master's degree in Physical Therapy. Overall, I am really excited to enter the Health and Medical field to help better today's society."

teodorovici.jpgLauren Teodorovici '13
Athletic Training Major

"I wanted to go somewhere with a community feel, and earn a degree in something meaningful and rewarding. The Athletic Training program at Catawba is the opportunity I was looking for. The instructors and staff challenge us in the classroom and in the clinical setting, which grants us with the skills to pursue a number of careers in the allied health profession. I hope to utilize these skills in a future career of Physical Therapy. The students in the program have become a very tight knit group, and we support one another through each and every challenge. This experience has taught me the importance of dedication and hard work, as well as the value of leadership and teamwork."

beam.jpgJoseph Beam '13
Physical Education Major

"I chose Catawba because of the tradition here. You not only have a diverse selection of majors and minors, you have a very great selection of professors. The Physical Education program here at Catawba is outstanding with outstanding professors. Unlike other schools, professors at Catawba are here for you, not just for pay checks. The professors are willing to help in any way possible and since there is a better professor to student ratio, they have time to help you. Catawba's athletics program has had a very proud tradition, and we are keeping the tradition alive. I chose to be a Physical Education major because I had great a Physical Education teacher through grade school and I want to give back to the community."

seim.jpgKate Seim '13
Exercise Science Major

"I chose to attend Catawba because of the family atmosphere, the beautiful campus and the small class sizes. I knew once I visited campus that it would be a perfect fit for me. I selected Exercise Science as my major because I enjoy many of the classes that are offered for this major. I plan on going to physical therapy school after completing my degree at Catawba. Exercise Science will help guide me into my future and help me prepare myself for graduate school. I know that helping injured people return to normal daily activities will be very rewarding. I know that the Exercise Science program at Catawba will provide me with the skills and education I need to become a successful individual."

dimarco.jpgMarissa DiMarco '12
Exercise Science and Physical Education Graduate; On the Women's Soccer Team

"After visiting Catawba a few times, I knew it was where I was going to be spending the next four years of my college career. Soccer was a major influence of my decision, but it was the beautiful campus, the warm weather, the small class sizes, and the Physical Education Department that solidified my decision. Since I was young, I knew I wanted to teach. I love being around sports and being active, so Physical Education was the perfect fit. I chose to double major in Physical Education and Exercise Science because I want to educate and motivate children to live a healthy life through eating properly and exercise. In the future, I plan on teaching and coaching, along with being a personal trainer. Eventually, I would also love to get my Master’s degree in Nutrition, but who knows what the future will bring!"

zielinski.jpgKasia Zielinski '11
Athletic Training Graduate; Attending Graduate School at East Carolina University

"I chose Catawba because I felt like it was home from the moment I stepped on campus. Playing many sports growing up, I knew I wanted to pursue Athletic Training since high school. I searched for schools which offered Athletic Training as well as NCAA Division II tennis. Though I knew my career was the most important thing to me, the Athletic Training staff were willing to allow me to play tennis while obtaining my career goals. Catawba was a perfect fit for me, and I do not regret my decision in any way. I could not have asked for a better group of staff and students. I am attending Graduate School at East Carolina University to obtain a Master's degree in Health Education. I plan on working as an athletic trainer at a high school or college in the future."


mayes.jpgKendrick Mayes '11
Therapeutic Recreation Graduate; Psychology Minor

"I chose Catawba because I enjoy the small town atmosphere that the campus community provides, and I knew Catawba would be somewhere I could excel tremendously, because of the supportive faculty and staff that this fine institution has. I decided to major in Therapeutic Recreation because I enjoy providing others with the opportunity to maintain a meaningful, satisfying, and healthy lifestyle."

Kendrick is tapped to host  special events and community engagements. He has hosted events such as the Garner Showcase of Talent, the Garner Christmas Parade, Garner Update and the 2016 National Recreation and Park Association Best of the Best Awards Ceremony in St. Louis. He founded The Good News Network (TGNN), the only 24/7 station where it is "All Good News, All The Time".

Kendrick is currently the Special Events Coordinator for the City of Greensboro. He is responsible for managing the City’s special events office, which includes the citywide special events permitting process. He comes to Greensboro from the Town of Garner, where he served as the Marketing & Events Coordinator in their Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources department.  Prior to Garner, he worked with Durham Parks and Recreation as an Athletic Specialist. After earning his Bachelor’s degree from Catawba in Therapeutic Recreation, he earned his Master’s degree from N.C. Central University in Recreation Administration.

edwards.jpgLainey Edwards '11
Physical Education Graduate; Volleyball

"Catawba was a perfect fit for me because of their competitive athletics program, as well as their wonderful Physical Education Department. I have always had a passion about physical education and I love being active. Catawba was the school which had the best balance for me in majoring in Physical Education and playing collegitate volleyball. All of my professors were helpful in so many ways. From scheduling my classes to being available for individual meetings, they were always my biggest fans. Being able to succeed in the classroom and on the court made my college experience even more special. I look forward to impacting children and teaching the importance of physical activity and nutrition in their lives."

dellapenta.jpgAnna Dellapenta '11
Recreation Graduate

"I chose Catawba because I knew I would receive the attention both in and out of class that would be necessary to become the finest in my field. A degree in Recreation will provide me the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of occupations, and will allow me to do what I love, which is being active. In the future, I hope to own my own outdoor ministry/camp that will offer people a chance to get away or learn new skills."

thomas.jpgHannah Thomas '11
Physical Education Graduate; Cross Country

"I chose Catawba because of the small atmosphere and the welcoming faculty and staff. The Physical Education program allowed me to enter the classroom during my first year, and prepared me for my future in the school system. I chose Physical Education because I enjoy working with kids and am passionate about the health of our future generations. I hope to teach Elementary PE at a school in North Carolina."

dameron.jpgJennifer Dameron '11
Exercise Science Graduate

"I chose Catawba because of the great academics that it had to offer as well as sports. I also loved the small school atmosphere and how the professors care about each student. I wanted to do something that kept me active and away from sitting behind a desk while staying in the sports atmosphere. I really enjoyed the program. There are a lot of amazing people that helped me along my path to becoming a Physical Therapist."

maurice.jpgBeverly Maurice '10
Therapeutic Recreation Graduate with minors in Biology and Psychology

"I chose Catawba for the commute and also for the pre-med program. If you want to attend a school where faculty and staff will get to know you personally and help you find the best path to meet your educational goals, Catawba would be the ideal school for you.

After college, I want to provide therapeutic recreation services to individuals with disabilities or special needs. I would like to pursue a master's degree in bioethics."

While at Catawba, Maurice's activities included: President of the Pre-Health Organization, President of the P.E. Majors, writer for The Pioneer, Team Captain for Walk For Babies, Catawba's American Red Cross Blood Intern, Psych Club, Tri-Beta, Phi Epsilon, ACS, Co-founder of the Already Been Read Book club, Venaculars fan, Arrowhead staff.


poulos.jpgJohn Poulos '07
Athletic Training

"You couldn't ask for better professors and instructors. They challange you in and out of the classroom. The students in the program become a very tight knit family which supports each other through thick and thin. We are given some of the greatest opportunities anyone could ask for, from working with the 19 varsity sports at Catawba, the Chicago White Sox, Doctor's offices, and the rehabilitation clinic."


Tammy May '07
Athletic Training

"The Athletic Training Program at Catawba College has been a wonderful experience for me. It has given me the opportunity to work with a variety of sports teams, as well as clinical settings within the community. The program does a wonderful job of challenging the students to display their clinical skills as well as leadership skills. The professors do a good job of providing us with the knowledge and skills to pursue a career in athletic training or a number of related allied health fields."


Matt Agner '05
LRT/CTRS; Physical Therapy Aide at Rowan Regional Medical Center Physical Rehabilitation Clinic

"The best part of my experience as a Therapeutic Recreation major at Catawba College was the diversity of training I received. I had the experience of observing and assisting in the fields of Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapy, as well as community and school settings. It's a fun major, especially establishing good relationships with the clients."


Stephanie Walden Gault '03
Nurse in Intermediate Care Unit at Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC

"The whole reason I decided to go into nursing was due to my college internship in the Trauma and Intensive Care Unit at Baptist Hospital. Without that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to explore the variety of careers available in the medical profession. I knew I liked to work with people, but that internship showed me new ways to do that — instead of working around people's health problems, I wanted to help fix those problems."

After her graduation from Catawba, Stephanie earned her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing through the Accelerated Option Program at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center's Winston-Salem State University campus.


Tom Riley '96
LRT/CTRS; Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and Head Football Coach at North Carolina School for the Deaf in Morganton, NC

"My experience at Catawba gave me many hours of hands-on experience helping persons with disabilities in both clinical and community settings. The professors' open-door policy and the benefit of having small classes allowed me to interact and learn much more than a textbook could teach me. My elective course in sign language prepared me for a career I had not foreseen."


Cristyn Harrison '05
LRT/CTRS; Graduate Student at University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Exercise and Sport Psychology; Employed at Murphy-Wainer Orthopedics

"Attending Catawba College was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. My educational experience at Catawba not only allowed me to receive my degrees but it prepared me for national certification exams (Athletic Training and Therapeutic Recreation) and the real world after college. The professors provided me with connections to valuable and influential internships and job opportunities. Catawba College allowed me to build relationships with my professors, coach and staff, who became my family with whom I could share my dreams and concerns and always receive support, feedback, direction and references."