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AT_logo.jpgCatawba College's Academy for Teaching, named in honor of former teacher education faculty member and College trustee Shirley Peeler Ritchie, was established in 2007 to answer the ongoing need for excellent teachers and to further enhance the outstanding Teacher Education Department at Catawba. Since the inception of the Academy for Teaching in the fall of 2007, 98 Teaching Scholars in 10 cohorts have been invited to participate in the program.


ritchie01.jpgApplicants for a West Scholarship through the Academy are expected to demonstrate leadership, community involvement, and a commitment to teaching. They are designated as Martha Kirkland West Teaching Scholars in honor of another former teacher education faculty member and College trustee.

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The Academy's focus is on equipping its participants with 21st century teaching skills. Extensive field experiences are offered to Teaching Scholars, beginning in their first year. Teaching Scholars are also involved in the community in leadership development and service learning. Regional travel is part of the program including, travel within the state of North Carolina, in order to help make students aware of the cultural diversity.

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