campus wide alert

Amanda Bosch

Continued in her own words:

"At Catawba, I not only work as director of the Curriculum Materials Center but I also teach Introduction to Teaching and serve as the campus SNCAE (Student North Carolina Association of Educators) advisor. I love working with students and enjoy seeing them grow and develop throughout the course as they put together their electronic portfolio and beyond, as they enter teacher education as juniors and leave after student teaching, capstone seminar and graduation. It has been most rewarding to work with teachers in the public schools that have gone through our program and to make connections that extend beyond Catawba, seeing my students teaching their own students, taking seeds of ideas that began at Catawba and transforming them into teaching units that they use with their K-12 students. 

As the SNCAE advisor, I am able to help students make connections from the classroom to their profession, giving them opportunities to go beyond Catawba and participate in state and national conferences and grant opportunities which can translate into local community service projects, student recruitment efforts and campus wide events. In 2011-2012, students collected hundreds of pounds of canned goods for local shelters, thousands of school supplies for local schools and hosted a special education awareness fair bringing in community resources, representatives from local schools as well as self-advocates in an effort to highlight community awareness about special education programs as well as the new special education licensure being offered through the School of Education.

I have served on the Rowan Salisbury Schools Teacher of the Year Selection Committee for the several years and it is a highlight of the academic year. We review portfolios from the teacher of the year for each school in the district, conduct interviews and select a district teacher of the year. Sometimes I see names that I recognize from Catawba or teachers I have worked with in the past. I always see portfolios that reflect teachers who have a passion for teaching and true joy in their vocation!

Additionally, I am able to represent Catawba College on the state level by serving in a variety of roles, including Vice-President and President of the North Carolina Association of Curriculum Materials Centers throughout the years."