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Classes and Lessons


Private instruction (30, 45 or 60 minute lessons)
Private instruction is offered for students of all ages and levels of ability on the following instruments: piano (including contemporary and traditional styles), voice, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, violin, viola, cello, percussion, flute, clarinet, saxophone, French horn, trumpet, and trombone. Experience, teaching styles, and availability vary from instructor to instructor, including Professional Teachers and Under-Graduate Teachers. We take great care in placing students with the most appropriate faculty member to foster interest and talent development.

30 minute lessons = $280 for semester; 45 minute lessons= $420 for semester; 60 minute lessons= $560 for semester.


Family Music: (Birth–Age 5)
Participate with your child in singing, chanting, moving, dancing, listening, and playing simple instruments — while developing a strong musical bond with your child. Through activities that bridge the natural connection between music and movement, your child's musical aptitude and listening abilities are enhanced and further developed. Tuition: $140 for 12-week semester; Materials fees: $35 (includes CD, parent booklet, and instrument).

musikgarten.jpgMusikgarten is an early childhood music and movement program that offers a sequential plan for the musical development of your child. This program is not about entertaining children with singing and musical games but rather about enhancing the development of fundamental skills through an age-appropriate, sensory based curriculum of musical elements and activities. Your child will learn in a loving and nurturing environment that is family centered.

We offer seasoned instruction for children ages twelve months through age four. Songs, dances, and stories are revisited and reinterpreted in an age appropriate manner as the children advances. This progression builds on what each child has discovered and enjoyed, making learning fun and effortless.

Classes are easy to begin at any age, and if there are openings, easy to join even in mid-semester. As part of our licensee agreement, each family is required to purchase the Family Materials through our program for the curriculum for which their child is registered. (Individual classes are subject to cancellation if they do not meet enrollment requirements of a minimum of 5 students. We will notify you in case of such an event.)

Materials have been carefully selected from a variety of resources, the majority coming from Musikgarten, the pre-eminent early childhood music education company in United States of America. They are recognized and valued throughout the USA, Canada, Asia and South Africa. Please refer to for further insight.

We also implement materials and pedagogy developed by Community Music's founding director and Professor Emeritus of Catawba College, Elizabeth Carlton, a nationally respected music educator, clinician and author.

Pre-Piano Class

commmusic02.jpgDesigned to introduce young children (ages 4-5) to the elements of music while learning about the unique qualities of the piano, this class is a creative bridge to the reading of music notation with music meaning. The child's natural curiosity about music is stimulated in through various class activities that include moving, singing, creating, listening, and playing keyboard and rhythm instruments. This two-semester course meets once a week for 30 minutes and serves as an appropriate introduction to the more formal study of piano and/or other instruments. Minimum Enrollment to offer class: 3.

Class Piano for Children

piano.jpgBased on an active learning approach, musical concepts come alive as students learn and work together in a supportive group environment. Modern and innovative methods emphasize the development of essential musical skills including technique, ear training and improvisation, along with piano repertoire. Activities at the keyboard and musical games in theory make this class ideal for the beginning pianist. Classes have limited enrollment and meet 50 minutes per week. Separate sessions are offered for children and adults. All classes meet 50 minutes per week for each semester. Levels I-IV are offered with dates and times to be announced. Tuition: $270 for semester.

NEW STUDENTS: For Fall enrollment, beginners ages older 4 and 5 year olds should take pre-piano, while beginners ages 6 and up should take Class Piano I. New students who have had prior formal piano training or NEW Spring enrollees need to consult with the director before registering for a class to ensure proper placement.

Class Suzuki Violin (ages 6+)

This unique method of music education was developed by Shinichi Suzuki, a Japanese violinist, educator and humanitarian. It is based on the belief that any child who is properly trained can develop musical ability just as all children learn to speak their native language. Suzuki applied the basic principles of learning a language to the learning of music. His book, "Nurtured by Love," explains the philosophy of the method and is a helpful resource if you are considering Suzuki instruction for your child or yourself. Tuition: $270 for semester.

Suzuki Method includes:

  • Parent Involvement - A parent attends the child's lessons and works with the child in daily practice.
  • Early Beginning - Training may begin as early as 6
  • Encouragement - Each student learns at his or her own rate, and is praised and encouraged every step of the way.
  • Graded Curriculum - Each new skill is learned by playing a piece of music, rather than with technical exercises.
  • Delayed reading - Students develop basic ability on their instruments before being taught to read music.

Class Voice for Pre-Teens and Teens

An introduction to the mysteries of skillful and joyful singing in a supportive and friendly group environment. Instructor, Matt Newton. Tuition: $270 for semester.

Each class will include:

  • a whole-body warm-up to relax and energize
  • vocal "technique" - exercises specific to improving vocal health and beauty
  • singing songs together
  • singing solos (optional)
  • creative problem-solving to break through whatever obstacles block your path in singing!

Class Flute (ages 13-18)
This technique and tone building class will provide basic flute playing knowledge augmenting what students learn in their school Band class. This is a great foundation class and will expose students to what private lessons may provide for them in the future. Be amazed at your flutist’s progress when you see them perform at the end of each semester. Instructor, Karen Franks. Tuition: $270 for semester. Located in Hoke Hall, 2nd floor.

Class Guitar
Beginners and Intermediate
Designed for teen and pre-teen students who are beginning or continuing on acoustic or electric guitar. Students learn basic chords, notation, and guitar tablature, with a special emphasis on learning popular songs chosen by the class and the instructor. Group environment also lays groundwork for learning to perform and collaborate with other musicians. Instructor, David Edwards (also teaches privately). Tuition: $270 for semester

Class Piano for Adults
- "I've Always Wanted to Play" seniorpiano.jpg
This is a class for adults who always wanted to play piano but never had the opportunity. Students will learn important music fundamentals including music reading, music theory, aural training, and ensemble playing in a relaxed, stress-free classroom setting. Classes have limited enrollment and meet 50 minutes per week. Tuition: $270 with 10% senior discount.

Songwriting (ages 12+)
A new songwriting class is being offered. The course will combine the study of lyricism, melody, harmony, and form to create original compositions. Students will learn how to compose songs using different chord types and techniques of lyric writing. Tuition: $270 for semester.

Exploring Musical Theory
Have you ever wanted to learn how music is put together? Join a new class in the Catawba College Community Music Program. Exploring Music Theory for ages 15 and up will be taught in the fall semester. Learn the basics of reading music, rhythm, key signatures, chording and much more. Located in Hoke Hall. Tuition: $270 for semester.


childrens.jpgCatawba Children's Chorale (ages 7-14)
Designed to provide opportunities for students (ages 7–14) to learn the fundamentals of good singing and musicianship, as well as to develop poise, confidence and good stage presence. Performance opportunities include performing on varied community events and Catawba Community Music concerts.


Youth Swing Band for High Schoolers:
Performance repertoire of swing music from the 1940's - Contemporary-Popular styles. Instructor, Dr. Steve Etters. Max enrollment of 10 students. Students must have played instrument for minimum of four years. Instrument required. Tuition: $155 for semester.