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Catawba College Community Music extends a warm welcome to you and your family. We are excited to have you join us this year! The Community Music Program is an educational program with responsibilities to both students and teachers; therefore, it is of utmost importance that everyone adheres to the following Policies to ensure a safe and pleasant learning environment.

Refund Policy 
All tuition and fees must be paid in full before instruction begins on or before the first day of each semester including a non-refundable $15.00 family registration fee. (A payment schedule may be arranged with the office. A $15.00 Late Fee will be charged on payments made after scheduled payment dates Students are expected to continue lessons for the duration of the semester. Refunds are only granted in case of documented medical emergency or unusual, extenuating circumstances. Requests for refunds/withdrawals must be made in writing. Failure to attend lessons or notify the teacher does not constitute withdrawal from the program. In the case of class enrollment, no refund can be issued once a class has started. All withdrawals are subject to the non-refundable registration fee.

Attendance Policy 
Regular attendance is expected. Students are charged for all lessons or classes for which they register, including those missed through student absence. No credit, no refunds, and no make-ups are given to a student who misses scheduled classes or lessons. The student must notify the CMP office and the instructor when he/she will be absent from a private lesson as a courtesy to the instructor. However, notifying the teacher in advance of an absence does not require the teacher to make up the lesson. In the event it becomes necessary for the instructor to cancel private lessons, a make-up lesson will be scheduled at a time that is mutually convenient with the student and teacher. Lessons do not carry over from one semester to the next semester.

Class Cancellation Policy 
Community Music reserves the right to cancel classes with insufficient enrollment. In the event of cancellation, full refunds will be made automatically. Private lessons or classes cancelled by the instructor will be rescheduled. There is no obligation to reschedule private lessons cancelled by the student. In case of severe weather, cancellations will be in conjunction with the Rowan-Salisbury public school closings.

Discontinuation Policy 
Community Music reserves the right to discontinue a student at any time for poor attendance, nonpayment of fees, or disruptive behavior. If a student is discontinued by the office for nonpayment of fees, the student is responsible for clearing their account including all late fees.

Students/Parents reserve the right to request a teacher change at any time in the semester. Requests should be made to Dr. Julie Chamberlain, Director.

Inclement Weather Policy
In case of severe weather, cancellations will be in conjunction with the Rowan-Salisbury public school closings. If Community Music is closed due to inclement weather, the canceled lessons will be made up.

Scheduled Holidays & Breaks 
The holiday breaks observed by CMP do not necessarily follow the public school or college calendar. Please refer to the calendar in this information packet for information on when Community Music will be closed.