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Redefining Worship is the act of reevaluating the practices of biblical worship for the purpose of drawing people into a deeper relationship with Christ and fellowship with other believers.


Worship Arts at Catawba

Grounded firmly in Catawba’s tradition of liberal education, the Worship Arts Concentration is designed to prepare the student to function successfully as a musical ensemble director, performer and/or administrator in the Worship Arts. It will provide the student with methods and materials needed to implement a music program that is inclusive of both contemporary and traditional styles.

To complement specific interests, the following minors are recommended: Religion and Philosophy, Religion, PhilosophyTheatre Arts, Studio Art, Business Administration.

Program Highlights

Michael W. Smith meets with
Catawba Worship Arts students
  • While this type of program is already offered at some Christian colleges and universities, few institutions like Catawba offer a concentration
    in Worship Arts.

  • Being and remaining relevant in the field of Worship Arts is absolutely essential to effectively minister in the church today, tomorrow and in the future. At Catawba, we put a premium on know-how. It's the combination of knowledge and experience that results in true relevance - the most important factor in success.

  • Unlike other Worship Arts programs, Catawba does not apply a set formula approach, nor are we a music factory where students compete for attention alongside a myriad of other instrumentalists and singers. In other words, we, because we are just the right size, are able to tailor the program for each student while offering a broad range of opportunities and practical experience all while providing the personal attention they need to grow as worship leaders. We focus on the one-on-one relationship.

  • Such distinctiveness is one of the reasons In Tune Monthly has ranked Catawba as a Best Music School for five years running. It puts us on a short list of elite institutions of higher learning that includes Juilliard, Peabody, and Berklee. The Princeton Review has also written about us, "For students of all stripes with an interest in theater or music, Catawba demands consideration."

  • We envision the Worship Arts program at Catawba as a three-part process, emphasizing the development of musical excellence, while developing biblical leadership principles as well as personal and corporate spiritual development.

  • Overall, the program strives to equip students with the abilities to create, connect, lead, inspire, and serve people through the ministry of music.

    • Create providing tools and resources to create relevant worship experiences

    • Connectconnecting past history with current trends to influence tomorrow's worship

    • Lead using biblical leadership practices essential to the worship experience

    • Inspire inspiring a deeper, more fulfilling understanding of biblical worship

    • Serve developing a servant’s heart, reflecting that of Christ