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Singer Profiles

chance.jpgReuben "Pen" Chance '15
Theatre Administration Major

"It's an overall great experience. I love making music with a lot of great people. The Catawba Singers, in particular, is much different than any choral or music group that I've done in the past. And, I enjoy doing it. It's a release, it's the best medication that I could have. Here [at Catawba], there's such a sense of family that makes it so special."

fubara.jpgAbiye Fubara '16
Business Management Major; Music Minor

"We have a good chemistry. We come together really well. In the Chamber Singers, we do a lot of a capella. I think it's interesting how the human voice can come together like that and sound so well."

griffin.jpgMorgan Griffin '16
Interested in Teacher Education

"I just love singing. It's been a part of my family all my life. I love it ... it really is the highlight of my day. Everyone wants to be the best, and it just sounds so good. Definitely be a part of Singers. It's an amazing experience and you're going to have friends for life."

lee.jpgHannah Lee '15
Musical Theatre Major

"I just really like performing and being on stage and the idea of putting songs together and working so hard all semester. Then, getting to perform them for our parents and our peers and doing a really good job at what we do."

lugo.jpgRichard Lugo '16
Psychology Major

"Music has been my passion and part of my life for a long time. That was my weighing factor in choosing a college. So, I had to listen and look at a lot of YouTube videos, to see how good the choir was. [Singing with the choir] is just a warm and welcoming feeling. We just make delicious harmonies. It's nice to be somewhere where people love doing what you do."