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Scholarship Auditions

Audition for a Music Scholarship!

Auditions are also available by special appointment with Music Faculty on available Fridays at Noon when in session. Contact the Welcome Center at (704) 637-4402 to schedule a special appointment.

Ways to Audition:

The Scholarships:

  • Music scholarships are renewable for the full four years as the student maintains at least a 2.5 cumulative grade average and enrolls each semester in a Catawba College music ensemble appropriate to your area of primary musical emphasis as well as Applied Private Music study in your primary performing area.    
  • Alternative service may be granted to students majoring in Music Business.

About the Open House Audition Days

Students with  Music Interest need to be in the Williams Music Building, Room 103 (Rehearsal Hall) to  check in by 10:00am.

  • 10:00 General  Overview Meeting: All students with music interest meet for a general  overview of the music program concentrations and ensembles with music  faculty. 

    NOW IS THE TIME YOU MUST ALERT FACULTY if you have multiple areas  of musical interest (examples-such as band and choir, or choral singing and  popular singing). Different auditions  are held in different room locations and buildings.  Students  with multiple areas of musical interest will audition according to their  pre-scheduled audition time in their primary area of interest first and then go  to the other audition location.  Audition locations will be  announced during this session; locations can be found on the campus map  provided in your packet at Admissions Check-in. Students without a pre-scheduled audition time must audition after all pre-scheduled  auditions. (see * below)
  • 10:15 Break-out Area Interest Meeting: All students with music interest meet with designated  faculty within your music area of interest. 
  • 10:45  Theory Placement Exams: Theory placement exam for  students with music interest are held in Williams Music Building Room 017  (basement).
    This exam is just to  determine which Music Theory course you would take first at Catawba. The results have no effect on your  acceptance, even if you cannot read music.
  • 10:45 Auditions: Students will audition  according to their pre-scheduled time. 
    Any  audition pre-scheduled between 10:45 and 11:30, should audition first, then take  the exam.   (*)  Students without a pre-scheduled time should take the 10:45  exam and will audition after pre-scheduled auditions (if necessary in alphabetical  order).       
    • Individual Auditions for PRIMARY INTEREST OCCUR  FIRST in the appropriate concentration location.
      Each individual audition and an interview will take approximately 10 to 15  minutes.
    • Any ADDITIONAL Auditions will  occur after the primary audition and exam. Additional auditions take approximately  10 minutes.          


Auditioning students are encouraged to stay on campus Friday and/or Saturday  nights of the Open House audition weekends. Please contact the Welcome  Center 1-800-CATAWBA or if you  would like to do so.

About the Auditions
The audition will include a performance presentation and a short interview before the appropriate Audition Faculty.


  • If the applicant is a musician and has interest in the business side of music, you should use the same audition performance criteria under the Popular Music listing below.
  • If the applicant is not a musician and only interested in the business side of music, you will have an interview to determine your interests and background.


  • Vocalist should be able to perform 2-3 selections of contrasting styles (memorized, one foreign language preferred)
  • Pianist should perform 2 works from contrasting style periods (such as:  Baroque, Classical, Romantic or 20th Century) and a short sight-reading selection. 
  • All other instrumentalists should be prepared to play all major scales (arpeggios optional), 2 selections of contrasting styles and a short sight reading selection on each instrument. 

POPULAR MUSIC (rock, country, urban, etc.) or WORSHIP ARTS (Contemporary Christian)

  • Instrumentalists and singers should play/sing two or three songs that differ from one another in some way—type of chord progression, playing technique, tempo, style, or the like. Some can be originals for those interested in Worship Arts.  Some or all can be originals for those interested in Popular Music.
  • Singers may bring karaoke tracks with you on a CD or USB thumb drive as accompaniment. 
  • Songwriters, if you also write, we would like to hear at least one original song.
  • Additional information for Worship Arts:  Be prepared to describe your experience with Contemporary Christian music and why you are interested in pursuing Worship Arts.

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Video Auditions

If you can't make it to campus, you can send a video to us on a DVD or as an e-mail attachment. You can even just send us the link to a video of you performing on YouTube or another public video site as and online audition. Please fill out the online form and follow the directions below regarding auditioning.

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