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Alumni Highlights

Theatre Arts Alumni Map:

Alumni Catawba's success at training theatre professionals is best exemplified by its alumni. The vast majority of Catawba's graduates gain employment in professional theatre or are enrolled in graduate school upon graduation.

Metrolina Theatre Awards
Past and present members of Catawba Theatre - students, alumni and faculty - have consistently been nominated for and/or won Metrolina Awards over the years. Nominations include acting, directing, production, costume design, choreography, and more.


Recent Graduates - Congratulations to all!

  • JODYE CARROLL '13, performing (leads in the Young Audience series and ensemble in Mainstage), teaching in the academy, and assisting with the technical aspects for Midtown Arts Center's Resident Acting Company in Colorado
  • BESTY FOSTER, Hippodrome State Theatre, Florida
  • AARON GANAS, Hippodrome State Theatre, Florida
  • PAUL SAYLOR, Arkansas Shakespeare, also starring as Curly in national tour of "Okahoma!"
  • JOEY YOW, Cirque du Soleil, Las Vegas
  • JESSICA PRUETT-BARNETT, BFA - Musical Theatre '07, working at Roundabout Theatre, NYC.
  • GUISEPPE RITORTO, Theatre BA '07, attending New York University Graduate School, MFA in Musical Theatre Writing Program.
  • TIFFANY COX, Theatre BFA '06, performer for The Pacific Conservatory for the Arts, Santa Maria, California.
  • MCKENNA DABBS, professional director in Sacramento for B Street Theatre
  • JES DUGGER and JARED WEITBROCK, Theatre BFAs '06, Missoula Children's Theatre.
  • CAITLIN HEININ, Theatre BA '06, completed a Masters in Acting in London, now a working actor in Chicago.
  • JESSICA MORETTI, Theatre BA '06, pursuing MFA at The North Carolina School for the Arts.
  • TAYLOR HOHMAN, Theatre Arts '05 grad is working at the Accademia dell‘Arte in Tuscany (outside Florence), Italy.
  • SYDNEY HOLLEMAN, Theatre Arts '06, Schubert Organization in Manhattan.
  • CHRIS LINDSAY, Theatre BA '05, Professional Actor, feature films include Midnight Bayou(2009) and Never Back Down (2008) and theatre work at Orlando Shakespeare and other regional theatres.
  • ANTHONY JOHNSON, Theatre BFA '05, dancer/singer/performer, national tour of Hairspray.
  • DONNA TULLOCH, Theatre BA '05, The Actor's Studio, New York City.
  • POLLY NOBLE, costumes, Manhattan Theatre Club, NYC.
  • SONSHINE ALLEN, Theatre BFA '04, on Broadway in Wicked.
  • ASHLEY QUINONES, Theatre Arts '04 grad, completed Master's of Acting in London, actor and director for Burning Coal Theatre Company.
  • JASIKA NICOLE PRUITT, Theatre BA '02, Television sitcom performer in regular supporting role on Fringe (2008-2013); Scandal (2013-2014); The Mastersons of Manhattan. Also a Hollywood actor starring in Take the Lead with Antonio Banderas and Alfre Woodard. Check out her IMDB.
  • Jason Duke, Cirque du Soleil, Love, Las Vegas


Featured Graduates

A representative listing of recent theatre arts students and their current activity:

jodye-carroll.jpgJodye Carroll '13
performing (leads in the Young Audience series and ensemble in Mainstage), teaching in the academy, and assisting with the technical aspects for Midtown Arts Center's Resident Acting Company in Colorado

"I just can't thank the Theatre Arts faculty and program enough for all that I learned and did there. The more work I do and the more people I meet, the more I believe in the things Catawba teaches and in the people who have come from there."



seanhenderson.jpgSean Henderson '13
Theatre Arts Major; Accepted to attend Accademia dell'Arte's MFA program

"My time at Catawba prepared me to take this step, it is because of my experiences and your teachings at Catawba that I have received this opportunity."



higgins.jpgKatherine Higgins '13
Theatre Arts Administration Major

"The best thing about Catawba's Theatre Arts Department is the individual attention you receive and the amazing people that surround you. I cannot tell you how much I grew from being in this program. Not only did I receive a great education in my area of study, but in all aspects of the theatre. The best part is that I know I have made just as much of an influence on the Theatre Arts program as it has made on me. We really are a family, and I know I have gone away from Catawba prepared for what's ahead of me."

steele.jpgDonna Steele '13
Theatre Arts Education Major


"When I first began to look at colleges, I wanted to be in a program where the students only focused on acting. I thought that was all I needed in order to succeed in theatre. However, at Catawba I learned that there is so much more to it. I learned about lighting, design, paint, and I was also able to perform on stage since my freshmen year. Theatre Arts at Catawba is all about making sure you can become as well-rounded as possible and fully prepared when you enter the "real world;" this is why I have decided to go to into teaching. I want to be able teach students how valuable it is to learn about what goes on backstage and help them realize that they are fully capable of doing it too."

campagna.jpgKat Campagna '12
Theatre Arts Graduate; English Minor


"From the start of my college search, Catawba had everything I was looking for. A few things that stood out to me were the strong liberal arts program, a nationally recognized Theatre Arts program, a small student body, and a beautiful campus. Although the school was 13 hours away from my home in Connecticut, my education was well worth the travel. My experience was nothing short of wonderful. The faculty of the department shaped me into a well-rounded actor/technician, which is not something all theatre programs can promise. I am positive that my Catawba education will help me reach my career goals of being an actor, as well as a Costume Designer."

mcrae.jpgZach McRae '12
Musical Theatre Graduate


"I chose Catawba because I wanted to study Theatre Arts, and I chose Musical Theatre because I fell in love with singing and dancing on top of my training as an actor. The department really does have a family feel, and the faculty pay attention to you as a growing individual. If you chose any of the Theatre Arts majors here, you will have to work very hard, but you will be rewarded with wonderful learning experiences in ALL areas of making theatre happen — you don't get a degree for just prancing around on stage trying to be star."

jackson.jpgAshley Jackson '12
Theatre Arts Graduate; President of The Diversity Club; Member of Blue Masque; Gospel Choir

"I chose Catawba because I wanted to go to a small school with a great reputation for excellence. I also like the personal relationships I made with students and teachers alike. Since I was a transfer student, adjusting to a new state and school can be tough. However, when I transferred to Catawba, I immediately connected with the students and faculty. I have many plans for after graduation, but one of them is to move to Atlanta, GA to (hopefully) work with Tyler Perry."

Advice for Prospective and First-Year Students: "Make sure you do the necessary research before making a big decision. Some students may love the small campus life, while other students may like larger campuses. Don't stress about choosing a major right away! Your first year should be about exploring your options and making connections. Be open with your professors about your interests. They are here to help you. Lastly, do not be afraid to put yourself out there! Make friends and take advantage of the clubs and activities on campus. It is one of the fastest ways to make friends."

tynes.jpgRobin Tynes '12
Musical Theatre Graduate


"I chose Catawba because of the beautiful campus and the wonderful faculty. Students are so lucky to have the nature preserve on campus and have some of the most caring faculty and staff I've ever met. I chose to major in Musical Theatre at Catawba because I was impressed with the wide variety of opportunities that students get in the Theatre Arts Department. There are so many opportunities for leadership, as well as getting both performance and technical theatre experience which will help students further understand the art they are focusing on and get hired! Plus, the Theatre Arts and Music faculty and staff are just phenomenal and they are always available if you have questions or just need to talk. I plan on working in the theatre in the future and hopefully performing but also starting a theatre camp for kids to inspire others to express themselves through the arts."

robinson.jpgClaire Robinson '12
Theatre Arts Graduate (Design and Production)


"Catawba's Theatre Arts Department has given me a wealth of opportunities to grow both as an artist and as a technician. I entered the department in my freshman year knowing only that I liked sewing and was unsure of how far I could go in the theatre. By the time I was a junior, I had designed costumes for multiple shows, some at local community theatres, in addition to a resume and portfolio brimming with a wide variety of production experiences. Being a theatre major gave me the confidence and skill set to develop my leadership and management abilities, in addition to pushing me to become a more well-rounded student. Catawba's Theatre Arts Department was my home away from home and if I had to make my college decision again I wouldn't think twice about choosing Catawba."


mcclure.jpgYolanda McClure '11
Theatre Arts Graduate


2011 Catawba alumna Yolanda Kay "Summertime Fine" McClure of Eden, N.C., has been seeing of lot of the world in her new job with Disney Cruise Lines. Since July of 2011, she has worked on the Disney Magic, where she recently became a Youth Activities Entertainment Host. Her position has taken her to ports of call in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic oceans.

She says her work requires longhours, but the upside is that she is in great shape and is happy to be working in a position that is so closely related to her major, theatre arts.

harris.jpgCarrie Harris '11
Theatre Arts Graduate

"I first knew I wanted to be a part of Catawba's Theatre Arts department my sophomore year of high school. I was drawn to the small liberal arts school where I would be a name and not a number, and as soon as I got there, I knew Catawba was the home for me. The department is a family, and every person gets amazing opportunities to learn and grow in all aspects of the theatre. I was able to dabble in performance, design, and other technical aspects of the theatre. Plus, I had opportunities to travel! I've most definitely grew in my abilities and as a person. I will be heading to Seminary, and hope to enter into ministry with youth and students, encouraging the use of creative arts in faith practices, taking my Theatre Arts thesis beyond the reaches of these walls and of my four years here."

Haeuser.jpgKatie Haeuser '11
Theatre Arts Graduate

Katie was cast as Beatrice in an off-Broadway production of "Much Ado about Nothing, " opening in January 2012 at the American Theater for Actors.

2010 Graduates

Amanda Lederer

Performing as the wicked witch in the off-Broadway production of The Woodsman.

2009 Graduates

Patty Adkins

Greensboro, NC.

Nicole Bowles

Unto These Hills, Cherokee, NC.

Justin Duncan

Stage Manager, Cape Fear Regional Theatre.

Nicole Durant

Asheville, NC.

Betsy Foster

Hippodrome State Theatre, Florida.

Aaron Ganas

Hippodrome State Theatre, Florida.

Gracie Greenbaum

Production Assistant on the TV show NUMB3RS, Hollywood, CA.

Diana Hagler

Charlotte, NC.

Sara Johnson

Charlotte, NC.

Jared Kenish

Recently accepted to Montclair State University in NJ to begin working on a Master of Arts in Theatre Studies

Emilie Kuhar

Olney Theatre, MD.

Justin Lewis

Resident Actor, Charleston Stage Company, SC.

Sheldon Rogers

Working as Executive Assistant to the President at Union Theological Seminary, focusing on music performance and recording. Current projects include: co-creator and co-producer of a popular bi-annual cabaret entitled You Sing Like a Girl with Catawba alumnus Michael Matthias '09planning to produce an acoustic-folk Christmas album this year; serving as a Worship leader twice a month at Forefront Church in Manhattan; in charge of Public Relations and Outreach for a New York-based LGBTQ-Christian non-profit called Grafted.

Will Randall

Charlotte, NC.

Paul Saylor

Arkansas Shakespeare.

2008 Graduates

Aly Perez

Working in Charlotte area.

Robyn Shute

Living and working in NC.

Tiffany Hogan


Maggie Phillippi


Lydia Price

Working actor in FL.

Sam Brooks

Design work at various theatres and Hershey Park.

Jordan Danz

Professional actor in Chicago.

Ashleigh Herndon

The Lost Colony.

Daniel Hines

On tour with Memphis. Previously at Know Theatre in Cincinnnati.

Justin Johnson

Acting in Raleigh, heading to graduate school

Jon Jordan

National tour of Annie.

Sarah Koerner

Actor in Virginia.

Sonny Kong

Performed in the professional musical theatre circuit, now one of the proud owners of Planet Ballroom dance studio in Lake Norman, NC.

Michael Lasris

Working as a performer, resident choreographer, bookkeeper, and theatre academy principal (and founder) at Midtown Arts Center in Fort Collins, CO.

Andy McCain

Professional actor in FL.

Candace Neal

Working in NC.

Guerin Piercy

Professional actor/working in NC.

Sara Scronce

Professional actor, touring.

Jessica Taige

Professional actor in FL.

2007 Graduates

Justin Dionne

Was Managing Artistic Director at Lee Street theatre in Salisbury, N.C. since its inception through June 2016. Currently attending graduate school.

Taylor Edwards

Mytle Beach, SC.

David Loehr

Performer for Actors Theatre in Charlotte, NC.

Johnathan Menius

Costumer at Barter Theatre, VA.

Liz Ballard

Theatre Four, Virginia. Touring Florida. Recently appeared in a national commercial for Wal-mart. Watch Video »

Lauren Connolly

South Park Theatre, Pittsburg, PA.

Tiffany Cox

Milwaukee Repertory Theatres Iternship.

McKenna Dabs

Wrapped with directing work in California, heading to grad school.

Jes Dugger

Missoula Children's Theatre tour, actor in Charlotte, NC.

Meredith Fox

Admissions Councelor, Catawba College.

Amy Guenther

Works for a spa in Asheville area.

Caitlin Heinin

Graduated with an MA in London, working actor in Chicago.

Nik Kear

Law School in Tennessee.

Jake Krickhan

Actor in NYC.

Jessica Moretti

Graduate school at North Carolina School for the Arts.

Lisa Ponce

Actor at Michael Checkhov Theatre, NYC.

Jessica Pruett-Barnett

Roundabout Theatre Organization in NYC.

Jordan Richards

Prather Family Theaters.

Guiseppe Ritorto

Attending New York University Graduate School, MFA in Musical Theatre Writing Program. Was at Barter Theatre, Virginia.

Michael Strickland

Pursuing a Technical Direction M.F.A. at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. As of June 2016, was the only TD employed by a community theater in the state of Oklahoma.

Jared Weitbrock

Missoula Children's Theatre tour.

Joey Yow

South Park Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA.

Catori Swann

North Carolina Shakespeare Company.

Joe Castillo

Grad School at NYU.

Kaitlyn Gemmell

Lighting Designer.

Adam York

Master Electrician at CPCC, union work in Charlotte and Greensboro.

2006 Graduates

Loren Armitage

Raleigh Little Theatre.

Nick Ditter

Actor in Chicago.

Rory Dunn

Busch Gardens.

Kelly Flick

Living in NC.

Sydney Holleman

Working with the Shubert Organization's newly acquired Broadway Inbound division. Was manager for People's Improv Theatre near Madison Square Garden, NYC.

Ryan Musil

Back in Milwaukee, teaching Commedia.

Briana Raymond

Actor, South Park Theatre, Pittsburgh.

Brian Romans

Living in Salisbury.

Robyn Smith

Heading to graduate school.

2005 Graduates

Taylor Adams

Actor in NYC.

Jason Evarts

Technical director at Florida Grand Opera.

Nick Foltz

Living in NC. Formed a new band.

Taylor Hohman

Studied at the Accademia dell'Arte in Tuscany (outside Florence), Italy. Working at the Scuola d'Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi, which was partially founded by Giorgio Strehler and was originally part of the Piccolo Teatro di Milano.

Anthony Johnson

Working in Osaka, Japan as a performer.

Chris Lindsay

Professional Actor, regional theatres, and starring in a new Hollywood Feature, Get Some.

Liam Macik

Living and working in Pittsburgh.

Jessica Peterson


John Rummage

Theatre instructor at Livingstone College.

Donna Tulloch

Graduate study with The Actor's Studio at Pace University.

Shea Walker

Manager of bridal boutique and owner/designer for SheaNichole Designs.

David Loudermilk

Asian tour as performer in several musicals.

2004 Graduates

Sonshine Allen

Cast of Wicked on Broadway (Fall 2006).

Rachel Bahr

Graduate school, Chicago Theological Seminary.

Alison Barnes

Working backstage at The Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicago and other area theatres.

Ashley Barrow Laughter

Management at Cape Fear Regional Theatre.

Jackie Eckel

Lighting at improv theatre in Washington, DC.

Ben Mackel

Equity actor. Barter Theatre, VA.

Polly Noble

Wardrobe Supervisor and Costumer, The Box, Lower East Side in Manhattan.

Ashley Quinones

Completed graduate school in London at East 15 Acting School. Back in Raleigh, doing theatre.

Sean Sears

Working around NC.

Cindy Sopata

Professional actor in Chicago.

Larry Whitfield

Professional actor, Heritage Rep, moved to NYC as professional actor.

Megan Youngblood

Performing musicals at Bearcreek Farms Resort in Bryant, IN. Playing Mrs. Claus this Dec. Previously toured with the American Family Children's Theatre.

2003 Graduates

Tina Cerny

Was Company Management Assistant, Riverside Theatre, Vero Beach, FL, and Naples Dinner Theatre. Now touring the south/southwest with American Family Theatre.

Aaron Clark

Puppetry Arts Institute, Independence, MO; Theatre in the Park, Shawnee, KS; American Heartland, Kansas City, MO. Now at Harvest Productions in Kansas City as a Rental Technician.

Stephanie English

Moving this fall to NYC as professional actor.

Katherine Schmaus

Stage Manager, Chesapeake Shakespeare Company.

Bob Walker

Currently performing the title role in Hedwig & the Angry Inch in Asbury Park NJ. Was understudy for Tony in West Side Story in NYC; won Best Actor in a Musical by Charlotte magazine for 2004/2005 season.

Catherine Healy

Law School, Seton Hall.

2002 Graduates

Jasika Nicole Pruitt

Starring role in Fringe on Fox until 2010. Also stars with Antonio Banderas in Take the Lead (2006). Previously onstage off-Broadway in Cafe A-Go-Go (2003) and in Philadelphia. Has also been seen on TV in Law and Order.

Sarah Drinkard

Theatre teacher, South Rowan High School.

Andrew Ross

Currently singing on the West Coast tour of the rock group, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and will be performing on the upcoming Trans-Siberian Orchestra Album, "Night Castle." Ross recently received an award to commemorate RIAA Certified Gold Sales of More than 500,000 Copies of Lava/Atlantic Records Album, Cassette, and C.D. "Beethoven's Last Night."

Amber Wagner

Resident Theatre Manager/Proffesional Actor at Gamut Classic Theatre in Harrisburg PA. Involved with Popcorn Hat Players Childrens Theatre and currently playing Prince Hal in Henry IV parts 1 and 2 with the Harrisburg Shakespeare Festival.

Vanessa Randazzo

National tour of Fame, print ads, modeling.

Jason Burkett

Looking Glass Theatre and The Oprah Winfrey Show, Chicago.

Wendy Lance

Lighting tech in OH.

Les Gaskins


Jeremy Aggers

Regional theatres in TN and GA. Released his first cd, listen on his MySpace page.

Michelle Fleshman

Drama coach. Spanish teacher in Lexington, NC.

Jocelyn Cassidy

In West Virginia, not in theatre.

Katherine Browning


Michelle Johnson

NY actor, with Andrew Ross.

2001 Graduates

Ang Madaline

Off-Broadway cast member in Golf, the Musical.

Meghan Kline

Production stage manager, Kentucky Shakespeare.

Aaron Clark

Puppetry Arts Institute, Independence, MO; Theatre in the Park, Shawnee, KS; American Heartland, Kansas City, MO.

Ben Wheeler

Resident lighting designer at Playhouse on the Square in Memphis, TN, MFA from University of Southern Mississippi.

Steve Booth

Shop foreman, University of Southern Mississippi.

Steve Attanasie

Company member with New Millennium Theatre Company of Chicago, along with Meagan Piccochi class of 2000. Rachel Bahr and Steve have a daughter, Clementine. New project website: ; New Millennium's page is

Eric Parsons

Freelance theatre in Southeast.

Kathleen Gerber


Chris Guthrie

Associate Artistic Director, Cincinnati Fringe Festival ( &

Karla Hinton

Works for United Way, Orange Park, FL.

Lisa Holt


Joseph Horn

Director at Chance Theatre, Anaheim Hills, CA.

Thomas Lapke

Completed MFA from University of Florida (2004) and doing national tours.

Kathryne Stollerman

Front of House Manager, Joe's Crab Shack, Asheville, NC.

Amy Stran

New York actor, Jasika's roommate.

Ben Warren

High School Drama Teacher in Florida, outside Orlando.

Elizabeth Willamin

Los Angeles, dinner theatre.

Emily Mackel Wilhoit

Currently the Executive Director of the League of Charleston Theatres and an active actor in the Charleston community.

2000 Graduates

Kathleen Adams

Actor/tech for Gamut Theatre Group in Pennsylvania. Previously in national tour of Jeckyll and Hyde.

Heather Barr

National tours of Seussical, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Schoolhouse Rock Live!, and TV (All My Children, As the World Turns, the WB's Young Americans).

Meagan Piccochi

Company member with New Millennium Theatre Company.

Karina Ferry

Professional actor, Missoula Children's Theatre.

Carrie Ellis

Professional actor, Missoula Children's Theatre.

Ruth Taylor

Theatre and dance teacher in Lakeland, FL.

Betsy Wood

Internship in Theatre Arts Administration in Colorado.

Nina Tetrault

Freelance scenic artist, Actors Theatre of Louisville.

Kathleen Sossoman

Actress, Hamstead Players.

Jaime Mastromonica

Member of Hoses and Britches Theatre Company, film casting and production assistant, Seattle.

William Watkins


Greg Purcell

Freelance film and theatre tech.

Other Alumni News

  • FRED INKLY - The Beast in the National Touring company of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST; Jean Valjean in the Broadway production of LES MISERABLES, as well as the National Touring Company.
  • SCOTT HOLMES - Leads in Broadway productions of THE RINK, EVITA, and THE ROBBER BRIDEGROOM, among others. Regular on CBS television's AS THE WORLD TURNS.
  • MARK FINCANNON - Owner of the largest casting agency in North Carolina, Fincannon & Associates, Inc. Among the many feature films he has cast are THE PRINCE OF TIDES, THE CROW, DAYS OF THUNDER, SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY and CRIMES OF THE HEART. Most films made for television in North Carolina are cast by his agency, as well as episodic TV and mini-series.
  • VERONICA WORTS - Associate Costumer for the Broadway productions of ANGELS IN AMERICA - PARTS 1 & 2; and JELLY'S LAST JAM among others; Costumer for CBS television's AS THE WORLD TURNS.
  • Jason Duke - Technical Director, Alley Theatre, Houston, TX.

  • Meagan Piccochi (2000), Julie Rathwell (1999), Emi Ferry (1999), and Mark Woodard (1999) - Actors, Repertoire Theatre of America, various plays
  • Karina Ferry (2000), Carrie Ellis (2000), and Craig Burris (1999) - Actors, Missoula Childrens Theatre, Montana
  • Jaime Mastromonica (2000) - Film casting & production assistant - Seattle, WA
  • Ruth Taylor (2000) - High school theatre and dance teacher, Lakeland, Fl
  • Betsy Wood (2000) - Internship in theatre arts administration, Colorado
  • Nina Tetrault (2000) -Freelance scenic artist, works with Actors Theatre of Louisville, KY as independent artist
  • Kathleen Sossoman (2000) - Actress, Hamstead Players, various productions
  • Margaret Petrey (1999) - Development Assistant, Center Stage, Baltimore.
  • Caroline Summers (1999) - Stagemanager, Charter Theatre Company and others, Washington, D.C.
  • Kathryn Youngberg (1999) - Graduate school in costume design, University of Southern Mississippi
  • Taylor Valentine (1999) - Actor, Hamstead Players, various productions
  • Gary Posey (1998) - Was the recipient for the Leighton Ballew MFA Directing Scholarship. The award is given out annually by SETC.
  • Sean Brosnahan (1998) - Stagemanager, Raleigh Ensemble Players and freelance actor for theatre and film, NC
  • John Bromels (1998) - Actor, Merry-Go-Round Childrens Theatre, Auburn, NY
  • Katie Benson (1998) - Graduate school in theatre education, Emerson College, Boston, MA
  • Jennifer Caudill (1998) - Featured performer, "Dollywood", TN
  • Andrew Tucci (1998) - Actor, New York, NY
  • Patti Walker (1998) - After 3 years in Chicago, I'm at UNCG in the MFA-Acting program and Heather Barr is playing Gertrude McFuzz on the national tour of Suessical. I went and saw her in Pembroke, NC. She was incredible! It's a great role, especially for her cute little self.
  • Gen Gaydeski (1997) - Actress and director, Atlanta, GA
  • Matt Francis (1997) - High school theatre teacher, Southern Pines, NC
  • Craig Grigg (1997) - Props master, Manhattan Theatre Club, New York, NY
  • John Starmer (1997) - Freelance actor and technican, various areas
  • Chrissy Bolthouse (1997) - Dancer with "Footworks" (touring), Annapolis, MD
  • Mark Lingenfelter (1996) - Actor, national touring company of Babes in Toyland
  • Rebekah Derrick (1996) - Actress in Hollywood film, Girl Interrupted and others
  • Elizabeth Wolf (1996) - Elizabeth Wolf is now Elizabeth Whitewolf, married with two daughters. She runs summer arts camps in Montpelier, VA, and also produces educational robot tournaments nationwide for Botball.
  • Ethan Herb (1996) - Radio personality, Charlotte, NC
  • Jason Duke (1996) - currently working as Automation Mechanic with Cirque du Soleil's touring production of QUIDAM. Has been with Cirque du Soleil for the past two years. Also worked at LA NOUBA in Orlando prior to joining the tour.
  • Lori Ledvina (1996) - Manager of swing dance club, New York, NY
  • Denise Edwards (1996) - Actress, Broadway productions of Beauty and the Beast, 42nd Street, and Mamma Mia!, New York, NY
  • J. D. Sheriff (1995) - Actor, national touring company of Chicago
  • Denise Laughlin (1995) - Graduate school in playwriting, University of Va.
  • Amy Dixon (1995) - Female lead, Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, Florida and recent movie stunt double for Renee Russo
  • Rae Bucher (1995) - Artistic director and actress, Highland Repertory Theatre, Asheville, NC
  • Tara Stewart (1995) - Producer and director, Children's Theatre Company, Roanoke,VA
  • Todd Lawrence (1995) - MFA in Technical Production from Chapel Hill (2005), Set Designer & Technical Director for The Collegiate School, Richmond, VA.
  • Mike Wiley (1995) - Playwright and actor of one-man show, One Noble Journey
  • Carey Codd (1995) - News anchor, Saratoga, Florida
  • Jim Ablard (1995) - Sound designer, Norman Sound, Charlotte, NC
  • Denise Lewis (1995) - Lighting Designer, various locations
  • Patrick Hayes (1995) - Graduate school in technical theatre, University of NC - Greensboro
  • Heather Wilson (1995) - Artistic director, Old Courthouse Community Theatre, NC

Alumni Updates

Please visit the Catawba Alumni website to search for alumni by name. If you would like to include or update your information on this list or be included in our online contact list please e-mail your contact information to Beth Salte at, or you may contact us by mail or phone.