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  1. How many shows do you do a year?
    We change the number every year depending upon student need and interest. We have three different theatres with three different seasons (mainstage, Blue Masque, and ETC). Last year we generated 123 acting roles and 151 dance roles, with over 300 design/tech positions to fill. Our students are never bored.

    You'll get a role if you want one. ETC (our studio season) ensures it. Students can create their own projects to direct or perform in.

  2. Is there opportunity for study abroad?
    Yes. We have a regular programs in England and Costa Rica. We've had students study in France, Australia, and Italy. Students have also taken short trips to London, Tokyo, South Africa, and the Galapagos Islands.

  3. Can First Years audition?
    Yes. Absolutely. We encourage students to get involved as soon as they get here (either onstage or off).

  4. Is your program competitive with the best in the country?
    Yes. Our program is quickly becoming one of the best. We regularly rank in the top 5 programs in the nation according to The Princeton Review. Part of that success we feel comes from the amount of personal attention we give to each student.

  5. Are there opportunities for young designers?
    Yes. Tons. Costumes, set, lighting, sound, props, multimedia. Many students have a long list of design credits when they leave our program. And they work with some amazing, up-to-date technologies.

  6. Do students from our program get work?
    You betcha. Our students attend local, regional, and national auditions and they get jobs. Our greatest asset is that the majority students already have professional credits when they leave our program. We have mutliple relationships with many professional companies and many of them come to our campus to hold auditions because of the quality of our students.  Look at the alumni section for recent updates.

  7. Do I have to audition for the program?
    Not for the Bachelor of Arts degree. You must audition for any BFA program.

  8. Are there scholarships available?
    Yes. You must audition for these (please see auditions section). These are highly competitive so get in early!

  9. When can I audition?
    We have four Audition weekends (please see auditions section) or you can make arrangements for a Friday, noon audition (advance notice required).

  10. Can I visit the campus, get a tour, stay in a dorm, see a show, or sit in on classes?
    Absolutely. It's really the only way to know if this is the right place for you or not. Please call us (1-800-CATAWBA) or e-mail us (

  11. What is life like in Salisbury, North Carolina?
    Salisbury is a small town located only minutes away from the metropolitan areas of Charlotte and Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point. If it's the urban environment you want for entertainment or shopping, it's only minutes away. If you want to get away from it all, that's just a short jog out of town. The gorgeous Appalachian mountains are about an hour and some of the country's best beaches are only a couple hours away.

  12. How big is the school?
    We are a highly-structured, pre-professional training program located snugly in an intimate, liberal arts college in central North Carolina. 

  13. How big is the program?
    We currently have about 100 declared theatre majors. 

  14. Do you offer acting for the film/tv?
    Yes. And our graduates find success in film and tv.

  15. Do you have an honors program?
    Yes. A very active one with many theatre majors involved.

  16. Can students direct shows?
    Yes. And they do--often. We even offer a BFA in Directing.

  17. Can I double major?
    Yes. We often have double majors graduate.


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