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The Burnet Hobgood Theatre Arts Scholarship


Named for Catawba Theatre Arts’ first Department Chair, Dr. Burnet M. Hobgood (1950-51), this full-tuition scholarship is awarded to the incoming student who best demonstrates the most potential in the Department’s long-established mission of "Changing the Face of the American Theatre."

The Catawba Theatre has an international reputation and seven decades of excellence, boasting six majors in TA — three B.F.A. degree programs in Performance (Acting or Directing emphasis), Musical Theatre, and Design-Production; two B.A. degrees in Theatre Arts and Theatre Arts Education; and one B.S. degree in Theatre Arts Administration. Students interested in any of the six four-year degrees are encouraged to apply for the Hobgood Scholarship, with no preference shown to either departmental major or minor.

Established in 2013, the scholarship is to be awarded by the faculty of the Theatre Arts Department in concert with Scholarship and Open House Weekend on November 12. Application procedure is subject to revision by the department and college-wide scholarship policy, but will remain unchanged once performance scholarship dates are set — usually in the early spring. The Hobgood scholarship competition is by invitation only.

In order to qualify for this prestigious scholarship you must first audition at our November 12 Scholarship and Open House Weekend and students must meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirement of 3.5 (weighted), must have an SAT Critical Reading score of at least 500, and must meet all the following application requirements:

  1. Unconditional acceptance to Catawba College;
  2. A completed Scholarship Application via Accepted
  3. A completed essay;
  4. Three separate letters of recommendation from teachers, directors, or mentors who have worked with the student and can address  the student’s potential for academic and artistic success;
  5. A live or digital portfolio review or audition; and
  6. A completed interview process.


  • Students interested in this scholarship should register to attend the Catawba Scholarship and Open House Weekend of November 12.
  • Students must participate in all levels of the screening audition/portfolio review and interview process to be eligible.
  • Only onsite auditions will be considered for the Hobgood.
  • Following the original onsite screening audition, students nominated by faculty will be invited to apply for a second scholarship competition weekend, typically coinciding with the Catawba McCorkle Scholarship Competitions, scheduled for March 17, 2017.
  • Further guidelines and an essay prompt will be provided as part of the invitation packet.
  • Under extenuating circumstances, provisions may be made for a remote audition/interview if students are unable to attend, but ONLY IF such provisions are requested no later than the date of the second scholarship application.
  • Invited students may compete in both the McCorkle Scholarship competition (the largest college scholarship granted) and the Hobgood Scholarship competition, but only one of the scholarships may be accepted.
  • Scholarship material must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the competition and must be complete in order for a student to gain a competition spot.