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Evening Undergraduate Admissions Process & Policies

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Admissions Process

Complete the online application or the hardcopy available for print and mail it to the School of Evening and Graduate Studies. You must complete the application whether you are "degree-seeking," "non-degree seeking," or "auditing" a course.

Use the Transcript Request Forms to obtain official transcripts from your high school or GED and any accredited colleges or universities you have attended. If you need more than two request forms, duplication is permitted. Call the school or college in question before mailing a request form to determine their fee for sending out your transcript.

You will be admitted into the program after Catawba College receives your completed application form and all of the transcripts from high school (GED) and any colleges listed. Then, the Registrar will evaluate transcripts to determine the courses that will transfer here from other colleges. The Dean of the School of Evening and Graduate Studies will notify you of your acceptance. In the meantime, contact the School of Evening and Graduate Studies to gain information about applying for financial assistance.

Finally, you should call for an appointment with one of the academic advisors in the School of Evening and Graduate Studies to determine which courses you need to complete the degree and to arrange your schedule from the selection of courses being offered in the upcoming sequence of blocks.

Registration Procedures

Registration takes place at the beginning of each block. Check this site for registration schedules and locations.

Students who need to be "full-time" to meet financial aid requirements MUST register for four courses at the beginning of the semester, in order to gain the 12 hours necessary for full-time status.

Admissions Policies

Catawba College's Evening Undergraduate Program is designed for adults who want to earn a college degree in the evening or to take courses for professional or personal development.

Both degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking students must submit an application form or apply online. The application process is not complete until all transcripts have been received by Catawba College. Transcripts should be ordered at least three weeks prior to the initial registration so there will be time for a transcript evaluation and proper academic advisement prior to registration. Students can enter the program throughout the year at the beginning of any block.

Re-entering students – those who have previously been enrolled at Catawba College but have not attended the semester immediately prior to a registration period – must apply for re-admission through the SEGS Office before being allowed to register.

The Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) program is open to applicants who are at least 21 years of age or hold an Associate’s degree from a community college. The minimum entrance requirement is a high school diploma or a GED. The Bachelor of Arts in Education (B.A.E.) program with a major in Birth-Kindergarten Education is open to applicants who hold an A.A.S. in Early Childhood Associate from a community college.

Tuition Remission for N.C. Community College Students

Catawba College offers full-time, degree-seeking students at a North Carolina Community College the opportunity to take one course per semester through Catawba tuition-free. This allows community college students the ability to earn up to the equivalent of one full-time semester at Catawba College, without paying tuition. After earning your associates degree, you are closer to earning your bachelor degree, and your total cost is significantly less.
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