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Laptop Requirements

laptop.jpgStudents who have declared Information Systems as a concentration in the School of Evening and Graduate Studies Program are required to have a laptop computer by the time they take their first programming class (IS 2505E, Application Program Development using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005).  We recommend that you consider purchasing your laptop prior to the first class.

The laptop computers are primarily utilized in the following classes:

  • IS 2505E - Application Program Development (VB .NET)
  • ACC 2801E* - Accounting Information Systems and Controls (Quickbooks)
  • IS 2528E* – Advanced Application Program Development (VB .NET)
  • IS 3502E – Information Systems Planning (CASE tool, Project Management)
  • IS 3510E – Database Development (Access, SQL)
  • IS 2550E* – Object Oriented Programming (Java)
  • IS 3512E* – Networking and Telecommunications
  • IS 3514E – Electronic Commerce (ASP, SQL, Front Page, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, etc.)

Additionally, the laptops will be required for Special Topics classes which will be offered primarily during the summer as elective courses.

Minimum Specifications: The IS concentration student can use the following minimum specifications as a guide in selecting a laptop computer:

  • Processor: 2 gigahertz processor
  • Memory: 2 gigabytes RAM recommended
  • Operating System: Windows XP Pro (required)  OR               
    • for tablet PC’s, Windows Tablet PC 2005  OR
    • Windows XP Media Center Edition OR
    • Windows Vista Business
  • Hard Drive: 80 GB or larger
  • USB ports: two
  • Screen: user choice
  • Network and Wireless Card
  • DVD drive

Application Software:

  1. Microsoft Office – latest version
  2. All Microsoft Development software will be provided from the MSDN Academic Alliance for Catawba College. There may be a small charge for distribution. This includes Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite Edition and Expressions Studio.
  3. Other software as required by specific courses.

Purchasing Alternatives:

Specialized Computer Support in Salisbury, NC is an authorized Gateway reseller. They will be happy to work with IS students in the Evening and Graduate Studies Program to provide a Gateway laptop meeting the minimum specifications to students.

The necessary software can be purchased through the Catawba College Bookstore. Remember, these are minimum specifications — you can work with Specialized Computer Support to tailor a system to your needs. They can be contacted at 814A W. Innes St., (704) 633-2852,

Additionally, students may want to price laptops meeting the minimum specifications in the IBM and other lines.

Please contact Pam Thompson at (704) 637-4323 or e-mail if you have questions.

Financial Aid:

Financial Aid can provide up to $3000 of aid for IS concentration students for laptop computers. Contact Financial Aid at (704) 637-4416.