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Admissions Process & Policies

Admissions Process
Complete the Application Process online or a hardcopy available for print and mail it to the School of Evening and Graduate Studies along with your application fee of $25, which is non-refundable.

Use the Transcript Request Forms to obtain official transcripts from your high school or GED and any accredited colleges or universities you have attended. If you need more than two request forms, duplication is permitted. Call the school or college in question before mailing a request form to determine their fee for sending out your transcript.

You will be admitted into the program after Catawba College receives your completed application form and all of the transcripts from high school (GED) and any colleges listed. The Registrar will evaluate transcripts to determine the courses that will transfer here from other colleges.

Once you have been accepted, you will be contacted by an academic advisor in the School of Evening and Graduate Studies to review which courses you need to complete the degree and to arrange your schedule from the selection of courses being offered in the upcoming sequence of blocks.

Registration Procedures
Students who need to be  "full-time" to meet financial aid requirements MUST register for four courses at the beginning of the semester in order to gain the 12 hours necessary for full-time status.

Admissions Policies
The Catawba B.B.A. program at CPCC is designed for adults who have earned the A.A.S. degree in Business or Accounting. Students with an A.A or A.S. degree should contact the School of Evening and Graduate Studies to discuss their eligibility for the program.