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A Unique Opportunity to Achieve Your College Goal

segs2013.jpgCatawba's Evening Undergraduate Program serves adults who want to earn a college degree in the evening or who want to take courses for professional development. Our unique format allows students to enroll as full-time students while maintaining full-time employment.

The Majors
The Evening Undergraduate Program offers two degrees:

You can earn the B.B.A. degree in four years (or less if you have already earned credit at other institutions) by taking one course at a time during convenient evening hours.


debrabw.jpgWhat Is The Format?
We use a structured hybrid model. Fall and Spring semesters consist of four blocks; a block is four weeks long. During each block there are five face-to-face class meetings, each Thursday evening and the last Monday evening (6:00-9:45 p.m.), with four online sessions in between face-to-face meetings. Some courses are offered in a bi-weekly format on Tuesday evenings and some are offered in a fully online format. 

What Is The Meaning Of Full-time?
In order to be a full-time student, you must take 12 hours each semester. You must attend "full-time" to be eligible for many forms of financial aid.

How Many Hours Are Required?

Students must complete a minimum of 120 semester hours to earn the B.B.A. or B.A.E. degrees. We offer four blocks in each of the two regular semesters (Fall and Spring) and two blocks in the Summer for a total of 10 blocks per year as well as bi-weekly and online courses. By taking 30 hours per year, you can complete the required 120 hours for the B.B.A. degree in four years. Many students transfer in credit from other institutions. Obviously, less time is required for them to complete the degree.  Students may complete the B.A.E. degree in two years after the completion of the A.A.S. degree.

When Does It Start?

We have 10 start dates a year! You may begin your studies at the beginning of any block during any semester.