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Preparing Adults for Career Excellence (PACE)

Catawba College offers a special course for adult students called PACE, Preparing Adults for Career Excellence.

We know that almost all of our adult students are career focused, and are returning to college to improve and increase their future opportunities. We also know that returning to college or transferring to a four-year program can be daunting and scary. PACE is designed to help with all of those goals and challenges.

PACE focuses on skills you need to successfully navigate your time at Catawba as well as skills that you will need in your future.  PACE will develop the skills of critical thinking and analysis to help you more effectively grasp the concepts that you will be exposed to in upper-level college courses. The PACE name includes a career focus but the course is also designed to familiarize and acclimate you with the format and requirements of an accelerated learning program, including how to manage the pace (hence the name) and expectations of meeting deadlines through developing a project management process. Finally, you will gain experience in the technology and expectations of online coursework through immersion in an online component of the course.

We developed PACE with you in mind. We are only successful if you are successful. PACE helps us all reach those goals.