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Transfer of Credit

The Catawba College Registrar is available to meet with you to discuss and evaluate the courses you have completed and the transferability of these courses. Contact your admissions counselor to schedule this appointment.

Students who are attending or have attended an accredited community or junior college may transfer up to 60 semester hours of credit to Catawba College. Graduates of North Carolina Community College degree programs (Associate of Arts or Associate of Science) covered under the 1997 Comprehensive Articulation Agreement may receive up to 64 semester hours transfer credit. Students who have attended or are currently attending an accredited four-year institution may transfer up to 90 semester hours of credit to Catawba College, as determined by Catawba's Registrar.

On its official transcripts, Catawba College will show course titles, grades, and credit hours earned (but not quality points) on transfer and transient courses for which Catawba has comparable courses and in which the student has earned a "C-" or better.

Students entering the traditional college program with fewer than 18 semester hours will have their records reviewed on an individual basis to determine appropriate placement in the the College Orientation course. All students must satisfy the core requirements and other graduation requirements set forth in this issue of the Catawba College Catalog.

Did You Know?
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