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David Jones '14

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Hi, everyone! My name is David Jones and I am a 2014 graduate of Catawba College.

While at Catawba, I majored in Sport Management with minors in Business Administration, Athletic Coaching, and Communication Arts. During my time as a student I was involved with the Alpha Chi National Honor Society, Sports Information, and as Catawba’s assistant men’s and women’s swim coach. Originally from New Bern, North Carolina, I wanted to immerse myself in the whole college experience. In doing so, I volunteered to help get Catawba’s webcasting effort off the ground where I learned as much as I could about video production including camera operations, production and play-by-play for basketball, baseball and lacrosse.

I came to Catawba as a veteran of the U.S. Navy and once I took the tour of our beautiful campus I knew I was home. The acceptance I have received by both staff and students have allowed me to develop a strong working relationship with those around me as well as create lasting friendships that only a small community such as Catawba can promote.  

As an Admissions Counselor my territories are Delaware, D.C., Maryland and Virginia as well as various counties in North Carolina. If you live in these counties and have any questions about Catawba College in general, the admissions process, athletics, military benefits or need any help with admissions please contact me at (704) 645-4587 or e-mail me at

What Where When
Kenwood High School
Baltimore, MD 10/18/2016
6:00:00 PM-7:30:00 PM
Colonel Richardson High School
Federalsburg, MD 10/18/2016
11:00:00 AM-12:00:00 PM
North Caroline High School
RIdgely, MD 10/18/2016
9:00:00 AM-10:00:00 PM
Episcopal HS CF
Alexandria, VA 10/19/2016
1:30:00 PM-2:30:00 PM
Chesapeake College CF
Health and Athletics Center
Wye Mills, MD 10/19/2016
6:00:00 PM-7:30:00 PM
Parkside High School
Salisbury, MD 10/20/2016
1:30:00 PM-2:15:00 PM
Univ MD East Shore CF
Princess Anne, MD 10/20/2016
9:00:00 AM-12:30:00 PM
West Johnston High School (On-Site Admissions)
Benson, NC 10/21/2016
11:00:00 AM-2:00:00 PM
Sanderson High School
Raleigh, NC 10/21/2016
8:00:00 AM-10:00:00 AM
Chesapeake City College Night
Indian River High School
Chesapeake, VA 10/24/2016
5:00:00 PM-8:00:00 PM
First Flight HS CF
Kill Devil Hills, NC 10/24/2016
10:30:00 AM-11:30:00 AM
Currituck Co HS CF
East Barco, NC 10/24/2016
1:00:00 PM-2:00:00 PM
Manteo HS CF
Manteo, NC 10/24/2016
8:30:00 AM-9:30:00 AM
Virginia Beach CF
Va Beach Convention Center
Virginia Beach , VA 10/25/2016
5:30:00 PM-8:00:00 PM
Perquimans High School (Drop Off)
Hertford, NC 10/25/2016
1:00:00 PM-2:00:00 PM
Elizabeth City CF
Elizabeth City State University
Elizabeth City, NC 10/25/2016
10:00:00 AM-12:15:00 PM
Hampton Roads CF
Hampton Roads Convention Center
Hampton, VA 10/26/2016
5:30:00 PM-7:30:00 PM
Bertie HS CF
Windsor, NC 10/26/2016
1:30:00 PM-2:30:00 PM
Plymouth High School CF
Plymouth, NC 10/26/2016
9:30:00 AM-10:45:00 AM
Kipp Pride HS CF
Gaston, NC 10/27/2016
5:00:00 PM-7:15:00 PM
Hertford Co CF
Chowan University Helms Center
Murfreesboro, NC 10/27/2016
11:00:00 AM-12:30:00 PM
Gates Co HS CF
Gatesville, NC 10/27/2016
9:00:00 AM-10:00:00 AM
Halifax Co CF
Halifax Community College
Weldon, NC 10/28/2016
9:30:00 AM-11:15:00 AM
Enloe Magnet High School College & Career Fair
Enloe Magnet High School
Raleigh, NC 10/28/2016
9:00:00 AM-11:30:00 AM
Chesterfield County CF
Thomas Fulgham Conference Center
Midlothian, VA 10/30/2016
4:30:00 PM-5:50:00 PM
Thomas McKean High School
Wilmington, DE 10/31/2016
1:30:00 PM-2:30:00 PM
Sanford School
Hockessin, DE 10/31/2016
12:00:00 PM-12:30:00 PM
Padua Academy
Wilmington, DE 10/31/2016
10:15:00 AM-11:00:00 AM
Wilmington Friends School
Wilmington, DE 10/31/2016
8:45:00 AM-9:30:00 AM
Newark High School
Newark, DE 11/1/2016
1:15:00 PM-2:15:00 PM
Central Delaware CF
Polytech High School
Woodside, DE 11/1/2016
7:00:00 PM-9:00:00 PM
Newark Charter School
Newark, DE 11/1/2016
11:45:00 AM-12:30:00 PM
Delaware Military Academy
Wilmington, DE 11/1/2016
9:00:00 AM-10:00:00 AM
Cab Calloway School of the Arts
Wilmington, DE 11/1/2016
8:00:00 AM-8:30:00 AM
New Castle County College Night
Univ of Delaware- Bob Carpenter Center
Newark, DE 11/2/2016
6:30:00 PM-9:00:00 PM
Caesar Rodney High School
Camden, DE 11/2/2016
1:35:00 PM-2:35:00 PM
South Delaware CF
Sussex Technical High School
Georgetown, DE 11/3/2016
7:00:00 PM-9:00:00 PM
Laurel College and Career Fair
Laurel High School
Laurel, MD 11/3/2016
12:00:00 PM-3:00:00 PM
Gloucester HIgh School
Gloucester, VA 11/4/2016
9:00:00 AM-10:00:00 AM
Perquimans High School (On-site)
Perquimans, NC 11/7/2016
9:30:00 AM-1:15:00 PM
Cleveland High School (On-site admissions)
Clayton, NC 11/8/2016
8:30:00 AM-11:30:00 AM
North Johnston High School (onsite admissions)
Kenly, NC 11/8/2016
12:00:00 PM-3:00:00 PM
Jordan-Matthews HS (on-site admissions)
Siler City, NC 11/9/2016
9:00:00 AM-10:00:00 AM
Chatham Central On-site admissions)
Bear Creek, NC 11/9/2016
1:00:00 PM-2:00:00 PM
Holly Springs High School
Holly Springs, NC 11/9/2016
5:00:00 PM-8:00:00 PM
Leesville Rd. High School
Raleigh, NC 11/10/2016
12:00:00 PM-1:00:00 PM
JF Webb High School
Oxford, NC 11/14/2016
11:00:00 AM-12:00:00 PM
South Granville High School
Creedmoor, NC 11/14/2016
2:00:00 PM-3:00:00 PM
Millbrook High School
Raleigh, NC 11/16/2016
9:00:00 AM-10:00:00 AM
Knightdale HS CF
Knightdale, NC 11/17/2016
8:00:00 AM-12:30:00 PM
Ravenscroft School
Raleigh, NC 11/17/2016
1:30:00 PM-2:30:00 PM
Rocky Mount Prep CF
Rocky Mount, NC 11/18/2016
8:30:00 AM-12:00:00 PM

Stay tuned for future dates!


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