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Laura Gilland

laurawimpey.jpgAdmissions Counselor     

I was born and raised in East Tennessee and decided to attend a college in Western NC because it was "close to home but still felt far away because it was in another state and over the mountains."  I've maintained and fostered a love for North Carolina since then and had opportunities to visit family in Salisbury.  I spent time on Catawba's campus attending theatre performances and athletic events and loved how it felt like the archetypal southern liberal arts college and quintessential North Carolina.

The intimacy of Catawba's campus and the friendliness of its faculty, staff and students made the institution a top choice when I set my sites on returning to the Admissions field. Living in Salisbury provides the unique experience of feeling at-home southern charm while being close to one of the fastest growing cities in the south with many cultural experiences – Charlotte.  I have chosen to work for small private liberal arts colleges for nearly ten years because I believe in the quality of the education they provide and the wealth of experiences they offer. It is exciting for me to help prospective students find the southern gem that is Catawba.  I am also eager to be a part of our new presidents vision and am looking forward to what will certainly be a fantastic future for the campus.

I manage student prospects and applications from areas of western NC as well as the states of Delaware, Maryland, and Tennessee. Many of these areas mimic both the environment and demographic of Catawba and prospective students find that any distance from home suddenly becomes a non-issue when they step onto Catawba's welcoming campus.

I look forward to talking to students from these areas and answering any questions you might have about Catawba. Please complete our Information Request Form to learn more or feel free to contact me at



What Where When
Tri County Community College
Tri County Community College
Murphy, NC 9/9/2014
10:00:00 AM-11:30:00 AM
Blue Ridge Community College
Blue Ridge Community College
Flat Rock, NC 9/9/2014
5:30:00 PM-7:30:00 PM
Christ School Private Visit
Christ School
Arden, NC 9/10/2014
9:30:00 AM-10:30:00 AM
Asheville Christian Academy Private Visit
Asheville Christian Acad.
Swannanoa , NC 9/10/2014
11:00:00 AM-12:45:00 PM
Carolina Day School Private Visit
Carolina Day School
Asheville, NC 9/10/2014
1:00:00 PM-2:00:00 PM
Brevard High School
Brevard High School
Brevard, NC 9/11/2014
9:30:00 AM-10:30:00 AM
Rosman High School
Rosman High School
Rosman, NC 9/11/2014
11:20:00 AM-12:20:00 PM
Asheville Area Fair
Asheville, NC 9/11/2014
6:00:00 PM-9:00:00 PM
Seton Keough School Private Visit
Seton Keough School
Baltimore, MD 9/23/2014
9:00:00 AM-10:00:00 AM
Institute of Notre Dame Private Visit
Institute of Notre Dame
Baltimore, MD 9/23/2014
11:00:00 AM-1:00:00 PM
Perry Hall High School Fair
Perry Hall High School
Baltimore, MD 9/23/2014
6:30:00 PM-8:30:00 PM
Calvert Hall College Fair
Calvert Hall College HS
Baltimore, MD 9/24/2014
7:00:00 PM-9:00:00 PM
Archbishop Curley High School Private Visit
Archbishop Curley HS
Baltimore, MD 9/25/2014
9:30:00 AM-10:30:00 AM
Maryvale Prep. Private Visit
Maryvale Prep.
Brooklandville, MD 9/26/2014
8:00:00 AM-9:00:00 AM
River Hill High School College Fair
River Hill High School
Clarksville, MD 9/30/2014
7:00:00 PM-9:00:00 PM
Frederick County College Night
Frederick Community College
Frederick, MD 10/1/2014
6:30:00 PM-8:30:00 PM
Washington County College Fair
Hagerstown Community College
Hagerstown, MD 10/15/2014
6:00:00 PM-8:00:00 PM
Wheaton High School College Fair
Wheaton High School
Silver Spring, MD 10/15/2014
10:00:00 AM-11:30:00 AM
Montgomery Blair High School College Fair
Montgomery Blair High School
Silver Spring, MD 10/15/2014
7:30:00 AM-9:30:00 AM
Archbishop Spalding College Fair
Archbishop Spalding High School
Severn, MD 10/21/2014
6:30:00 PM-8:30:00 PM
Georgetown Day School Mini college Fair
Georgetown Day School
Washington, DC 10/21/2014
2:00:00 PM-3:00:00 PM
Anne Arundel County College Night
Broadneck High School
Annapolis, MD 10/22/2014
6:30:00 PM-8:30:00 PM
Southern Delaware College Night
Sussex Technical High School
Georgetown, DE 10/23/2014
7:00:00 PM-9:00:00 PM
Cape Henlopen High School Private Visit
Cape Henlopen High School
Lewes, DE 10/23/2014
9:00:00 AM-10:00:00 AM
Baltimore NACAC
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, MD 10/27/2014
5:30:00 PM-8:00:00 PM
Baltimore NACAC
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, MD 10/27/2014
10:00:00 AM-1:00:00 PM
Kenwood High School College Night
Kenwood High School
Essex, MD 10/28/2014
6:00:00 PM-8:00:00 PM
Baltimore NACAC
Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, MD 10/28/2014
10:00:00 AM-1:00:00 PM
Chesapeake College Eastern Shore College Night
Chesapeake College
Wye Mills, MD 10/29/2014
6:00:00 PM-7:30:00 PM
Kent Island High School College Fair
Kent Island High School
Stevensville, MD 10/29/2014
11:00:00 AM-1:00:00 PM
UMES Tri-County College Fair
UMES Athletic Center Arena
Princess Anne, MD 10/30/2014
9:00:00 AM-1:00:00 PM

Stay tuned for future dates!


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