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Campus Life at Catawba College


Life as a Catawba College Student

There are so many events and activities to be a part of at Catawba College. Immerse yourself in our campus culture! 

With 40+ clubs and organizations, Division II & intramural athletics and countless theatre and music performances, there is something for every student at Catawba!

Events & Activities

Catawba students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of events and activities:

Student Services

Students at Catawba College have the full support of faculty and staff who truly care about each and every student. Catawba offers a variety of resources and services geared toward the academic and overall success of students both during and after their time at Catawba College:

Programs & Organizations

Catawba College students have the opportunity to participate in many diverse clubs and organizations, as well as serve the campus and local community through various service and volunteer organizations. In addition, Catawba's special programs are designed to support and assist students throughout their journey from first-year students through graduation day.