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Service Excellence Program

Frontline Staff: "Creating a Culture of Service Excellence"

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Everything your students, colleagues, parents and other  "customers" on campus see, hear, smell and touch impacts their overall  experience. Even when frontline staff are nose-to-nose with students,  faculty and staff who are not at their best, they are asked to create a warm,  caring, customer-service focused place for all those that enter to have their  questions answered and inquiries responded to.

Problems occur from the Registrar to the Admissions Office,  from Residential Life to Counseling and Student Conduct.  Students demand  services from Parking and Transportation, and often become frustrated with  frontline service staff such as cashiers in dining services and financial aid  receptionists.  Each day brings a new range of emotions and demands over  the phone, email and walking through the front door.

This webinar  helps your front office/line staff identify  the key points in the service experience that provide opportunities to create a  positive, lasting impression.  Tools and specific techniques to enhance  the current level of service are introduced for understanding and use.

Faculty and staff  learn how to:

  • Look through the "lens of your customer."
  • Recognize that "everything speaks" and to  consistently ensure your work area setting "speaks" the message you want it to  convey.
  • Identify what current processes you have in  place that may make it difficult for your internal/external customers to do  business with you vs. making it easy for them.
  • Identify key points of contact within your job  process that enables you to exceed the expectations of your customer's  experience with you/your department.
  • Understand an approach to use with unhappy  customers to turn their negative experience into a positive memory.

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If you weren't able to attend the first showing of this webinar, you still have the  opportunity! If you would like to check out the disk for your department  to view together,  please contact Bridgette Gibbs to set up a time that  is convenient for your department in your own space.

Additional Showings:
There are plans to  have additional showings of this for the campus community, but dates have not been determined at this time.  Stay tuned for an e-mail from Bridgette on future dates, but feel free to check out the disk in the meantime.