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First Family Scholarships
First Family Scholarships are the most prestigious scholarships at Catawba College. Selected students are invited to campus to compete for approximately 20 scholarships ranging from $14,500 to full tuition. First Family scholarships are currently funded with gifts of $150,000 or more.

Annual Scholarships
Annual Scholarship Funds are maintained with yearly gifts of a specified amount. The continuation of the scholarship fund is dependent upon the annual gift.

Student Eligibility
It is not possible for students to apply for any of the following scholarships individually. Students who have completed the application for financial assistance at Catawba College will automatically be considered for any of these scholarships for which they may be eligible.

Establishing a NEW Scholarship
To learn more about how to support Catawba or to establish a new First Family, Endowed, or Annual Scholarship, please call the Development Office at (704) 637-4394.

Below is a list of Catawba's scholarships. View a list of Catawba's named endowment funds on the Endowed Funds page:

Catawba College Scholarships

NAME/FUND Scholarship/Fund Name
Abernethy, Claude & Raenelle FFESF The Claude & Raenelle Abernethy First Family Scholarship
Adams, Dorothy Rink ESF The Dorothy Rink Adams Endowed Scholarship
Adams, Harry B. ESF The Harry B. Adams Endowed Scholarship
Adams, Dr. William S. ESF The William S. Adams Endowed Scholarship
Alexander, Cy ESF The Cy Alexander Basketball Endowed Scholarship
Allen, Gerald ESF The Gerald Reid & Inez Bankett Allen Endowed Scholarship
Allvine, Andrew & Blake ESF The Andrew E. & Blake Burton Allvine Endowed Scholarship
Alumni Assoc Board of Directors ESF The Alumni Association Board of Directors Leadership Endowed Scholarship
Antonakos, Antonios Memorial FFESF The Dr. Antonios Antonakos First Family Scholarship
Applefield, Bryan & Helen FFESF The Bryan & Helen Applefield First Family Endowed Scholarship
Appler, Gene Football ESF The Gene Appler Football Scholarship
Ball, Ron ESF The Ron Ball Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Baranski, Michael ESF The Michael J. Baranski Endowed Scholarship
Bashore FFESF The Anne Blodgett Bashore First Family Scholarship
Bauk FFESF The Bauk First Family Scholarship
Bean, Owen D. & Pauline Jarrett ESF The Owen D. & Pauline Jarrett Bean Endowed Scholarship
Beaver, E. M. ESF The E.M. Beaver Business Scholarship
Benson, G. J. Memorial ESF The Gregory Joseph Benson Memorial Scholarship
Bernhardt, Henry C. ESF The Henry C. Bernhardt Endowed Scholarship
Billings, Horace ESF The R. Horace Billings Endowed Scholarship
Billings, Joyce C. ESF The Joyce C. Billings Endowed Scholarship
Black, Clarence Ray ESF The Clarence Ray Black Endowed Scholarship
Black, Helen Apps FFESF The Helen Apps Black First Family Scholarship
Black, W. Houston & Virginia Buie ESF The W. Houston & Virginia Buie Black Endowed Scholarship
Blackwelder, Mae ESF The Mae Blackwelder Endowed Scholarship
Blackwell, John & Betsy ESF The John & Betsy Blackwell Endowed Scholarship
Boger, John H. ESF The John H. Boger Endowed Scholarship
Bolt, Conway Music ESF The Conway Bolt Music Scholarship
Bonds, Bobby R. ESF The Bobby R. & Elsie C. Bonds Endowed Scholarship
Bost, J. Linn Sr. & Mary G. F. FFESF The James L., Sr. & Mary Foil Bost First Family Scholarship
Boutwell, Emmett B. Music ESF The Emmett B. Boutwell Music Scholarship
Bowen Family ESF The Bowen Family Endowed Scholarship

Bradshaw, Christopher S. ESF

The Christopher S. Bradshaw Endowed Scholarship Fund

Braun, Milton L. Memorial FFESF The Milton L. Braun First Family Scholarship
Briggs-Green-Price ESF The Briggs-Green-Price Endowed Scholarship

Bross, Daniel T. ESF

The Daniel T. Bross Endowed Scholarship Fund

Brown, Ed ESF The Edward A. Brown Endowed Scholarship
Buck Sr, Frank P. ESF The Frank P. Buck, Sr. Endowed Scholarship
Burke, Esther & Pete ESF The Esther Canup & Pete Burke Endowed Scholarship
Burke, William P. "Billy" ESF The William P. "Billy" Burke Endowed Scholarship
Burkhart, Robert Odell & Nellie S. ESF The Robert Odell & Nellie Styers Burkhart Endowed Scholarship
Burton, Floyd M. ESF The Floyd Burton Family Endowed Scholarship
Byers, J.W. & Rose ESF The Rose B. & J.W. Byers Endowed Scholarship
Campbell, Roy & Norma ESF The Roy & Norma Campbell Endowed Scholarship
Cannon, Harry & Frances FFESF The Harry & Frances Cannon First Family Scholarship
Canup, Arnold J. ESF The Arnold J. Canup Endowed Scholarship
Carlton, C. Robert & Elizabeth ESF The C. Robert & Elizabeth Carlton Endowed Scholarship
Carpenter, Carl & Lena ESF The Carl & Lena Carpenter Endowed Scholarship
Carter, Al ESF The J. Alvin Carter Endowed Scholarship
Carter, Donald M. & Margaret S. ESF The Donald M. & Margaret Summersett Carter Scholarship

Carter, John & Boots ESF

The John & Boots Carter Endowed Scholarship Fund

Chambers, Jim A. & Barbara K. ESF The Jim A. & Barbara K. Chambers Endowed Scholarship
Chapin, Harry Music ESF The Harry Chapin Music Scholarship
Cheek Family ESF The Cheek Family Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Childress, Clinton & Ruth ESF The Clinton & Ruth Childress Endowed Scholarship
Childress, Thomas C. ESF The Thomas C. Childress Endowed Scholarship
Civitan Education Annual Scholarship, The The Civitan Education Annual Scholarship
Claar, Art & Maxine ESF The Maxine & Art Claar Endowed Scholarship
Clapp, Eva Burke ESF The Eva Burke Clapp Endowed Scholarship
Clapp, J. Ernest & Lillian ESF The J. Ernest & Lillian Clapp Endowed Scholarship
Class of 1961 ESF The Class of 1961 Endowed Scholarship
Class of 1962 ESF The Class of 1962 Endowed Scholarship
Class of 1969 ESF The Class of 1969 Endowed Scholarship
Class of 1971 ESF The Class of 1971 Endowed Scholarship
Class of 1980 ESF The Class of 1980 Endowed Scholarship
Cloninger FFESF The Cloninger First Family Scholarship
Cook, Robert L. Family ESF The Robert L. Cook Family Endowed Scholarship
Cook, Ruth Camp ESF The Ruth Camp Cook Endowed Scholarship
Cooper, Lillian & Benjamin ESF The Lillian George & Benjamin H. Cooper Endowed Scholarship
Cooper, Peter P. Memorial ESF The Peter P. Cooper Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Corinth UCC - Hickory ESF The Corinth Reformed UCC, Hickory Endowed Scholarship 
Corriher, Florence Busby FFESF The Florence Busby Corriher First Family Scholarship
Corriher, J. Fred & Mary A. FFESF The J. Fred Corriher, Sr. & Mary A. Corriher First Family Scholarship
Coughenour, W. C. ESF The William C. Coughenour Endowed Scholarship
Davey, Reid Bible Class ESF The Reid Davey Bible Class Endowed Scholarship
Dayvault, James & Martha FFESF The James C. & Martha Seiwell Dayvault First Family Scholarship
Deal, Evelyn & Eugene ESF The Evelyn S. & Eugene E. Deal Endowed Scholarship
Deal, Glenn W. & Edith Science ESF The Glenn W. Deal, Jr. & Edith S. Deal Endowed Scholarship
Dew, Toni & Jimmy ESF The Toni & Jimmy Dew Endowed Scholarship
Disher-St. Mark's Burlington ESF The Robert M. Disher, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Domske, Mark & Paula ESF The Mark & Paula Domske Endowed Scholarship
Duncan, Haskell & Gay ESF The Haskell & Gay Duncan Endowed Scholarship
E. & R. Women's Guild ESF E & R Women's Guild Endowed Scholarship
Eagle, Windsor ESF The Dr. N. Windsor Eagle Endowed Scholarship

Earnhardt, Helen Brown ESF

The Helen Brown Earnhardt Endowed Scholarship Fund

Eastburn-Cramer Family ESF The Eastburn-Cramer Family Endowed Scholarship
Elkins, Daniel H. ESF The Daniel H. Elkins, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Eller, Thomas & Jeanie ESF The Thomas O. & Jeanie Eller Endowed Scholarship
Environmental Science Scholarships The Environmental Science Endowed Scholarships
Epperson, Lucille ESF The Lucille Epperson Endowed Scholarship
Esbenshade, Robert P. ESF The Robert P. Esbenshade Endowed Scholarship
Essick, Foil - Pilgrim Reformed UCC Lexington ESF The Foil Essicke Endowed Scholarship
Everhart ESF The Stephen L & Carol S. Everhart Endowed Scholarship
Faust, David & Genevieve ESF The Dr. David & Genevieve Faust Endowed Scholarship
Feimster, Richard Athletic ESF The Richard S. Feimster Athletic Endowed Scholarship
Fesperman, J. F. & Dorothy C. ESF The James Fisher & Dorothy Click Fesperman Endowed Scholarship
Fields, Frank ESF The Frank P. Fields Endowed Scholarship
First Reform UCC Burlington ESF The First Reformed UCC, Burlington Endowed Scholarship
First Reform UCC High Point ESF The First Reformed UCC, High Point Endowed Scholarship
First Reform UCC Lexington FFESF The First Reformed UCC, Lexington First Family Scholarship
First UCC Landis ESF The First Reformed UCC, Landis Endowed Scholarship
First UCC Salisbury ESF The First UCC, Salisbury Endowed Scholarship
Fisher, JE, Sr. FFESF The J. E. Fisher, Sr. First Family Scholarship
Fleming, C. Ray & Deane Fleming FFSF The C. Ray & Deane Fleming First Family Scholarship
Foil, J. A. & S. L. ESF The John A. & Susan Lentz Foil Endowed Scholarship
Foil, John L. & Mary Current Foil FFSF The John L. & Mary Current Foil First Family Scholarship
Foil, Moses & Josephine FFESF The Moses & Josephine Foil First Family Scholarship
Food Lion Endowed Scholars The Food Lion Endowed Scholars Fund
Fouts, Sadie and Hobart Scholarship The Sadie and Hobart Fouts Scholarship
Fowler Family FFESF The Fowler Family First Family Scholarship
Fowler, Newton O. ESF The Newton O. Fowler Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Francis, Marvin A. & Ann ESF The Marvin A. & Ann Francis Endowed Scholarship
Frantz, Jack & Shirley ESF The Jack & Shirley Frantz Endowed Scholarship
Frantz, Nevin & Kearny Kay ESF The Nevin R. & Kearney Kay Frantz Endowed Scholarship
Freeman, Jerry ESF The Jerry D. Freeman Endowed Scholarship
Frock, E. B. & Rebecca FFESF The E.B. & Rebecca Black Frock First Family Scholarship
Frock, J. Daniel & Joanne ESF The J. Daniel & Joanne K. Frock Endowed Scholarship
Fuoss, Donald & Frances ESF The Donald & Frances Arthur Fuoss Endowed Scholarship
Gawthrop, Joseph & Jewel ESF The Joseph & Jewel Gawthrop Endowed Scholarship
George, Arthur & Maude ESF The Arthur & Maude George Endowed Scholarship
Glisson, Donald G. ESF The Donald G. Glisson Endowed Scholarship
Glover, George & Blanche Family ESF The George & Blanche Glover Family Endowed Scholarship
Golden Club FFESF The Catawba Golden Club First Family Scholarship
Goodman Jr, E. A. FFESF The E. A. Goodman, Jr. First Family Scholarship
Goodman Sr, E. A. FFESF The E. A. Goodman, Sr. First Family Scholarship
Goodman, Dorothy Hedrick FFESF The Dorothy Hedrick Goodman First Family Scholarship
Goodman, Lois Miles Busby FFESF The Lois Miles Busby Goodman First Family Scholarship
Gorman, Joe & Sharon ESF The Joe & Sharon Gorman Endowed Scholarship
Grace Reform UCC Newton ESF The Grace Reformed UCC, Newton Endowed Scholarship
Graham, William M. ESF The William M. Graham Endowed Scholarship Fund
Grant, Clarence & Lois ESF The Clarence & Lois Grant Endowed Scholarship
Griffith, Bruce Family ESF The Bruce Griffith Family Endowed Scholarship
Gudger, Albert H. "Tuck" ESF The Albert H. "Tuck" Gudger, Sr. Endowed Scholarship
Hall, Bill & Rosemary ESF The Bill & Rosemary Hall Endowed Scholarship
Hall, Joseph W. & Suzanne ESF The Joseph W. & Suzanne V. Hall Endowed Scholarship
Hamilton, Tom & Jane ESF The Tom & Jane Hamilton Endowed Scholarship
Hamley Family ESF The Hamley Family Endowed Scholarship
Hampton, C. B. & Edith FFESF The Claude B. & Edith Hampton First Family Scholarship
Harter, Marian & William FFESF The Marian B. & William H. Harter, Jr. First Family Scholarship
Haynes, Bob & Dottie ESF The Bob & Dottie Haynes Endowed Scholarship
Hebron UCC Winston Salem ESF The Hebron UCC, Winston-Salem Endowed Scholarship
Hedrick, Aubrey & Donnie FFESF The Aubrey W. & Donnie C. Hedrick First Family Scholarship
Hedrick, B. V. FFESF The Burl Vance & Daisy Harris Hedrick First Family Scholarship
Hedrick, Dwight L. Sr ESF The Dwight L. Hedrick, Sr. Endowed Scholarship
Henderlite, J. Max & Hazel E. ESF The J. Max & Hazel S. Henderlite Endowed Scholarship
Henderson FFESF The John Steele Henderson First Family Scholarship
Herman, Leona Fleming FFESF The Leona Fleming Herman First Family Scholarship
Hess Family Medical ESF The Hess Family Medical Endowed Scholarship
Hill, Barbara Faculty/Staff FFESF The Barbara S Hill Faculty/Staff First Family Scholarship
Hill, Robert Memorial ESF The Robert Hill Memorial Scholarship in Drama
Hodge, Frank & Ruth Teacher Ed ESF The Frank & Ruth Brown Hodge Endowed Scholarship
Holland, Clyde & Daphne ESF The Clyde & Daphne Holland Endowed Scholarship
Hollifield, Forrest H. FFESF The Forrest H. Hollifield First Family Scholarship
Holt ESF The Holt Endowed Scholarship
Horner & Maddra Athletic Training ESF The Horner & Maddra Athletic Training Endowed Scholarship
Hough, John M., Lillian S. & Beverly N. ESF The John M., Lillian S., & Beverly N. Hough Endowed Scholarship
Howell, Charles ESF The Charles Dewitt Howell Endowed Scholarship
Hudson, Clifton W. ESF The Clifton Watt Hudson Endowed Scholarship
Hudson, James G. & Jean ESF The James G. & Jean L. Hudson Endowed Scholarship
Hunsucker, Auburn & Virginia ESF The Auburn & Virginia Hunsucker Endowed Scholarship
Hurley FFESF The Hurley First Family Scholarship
Hutchens, Mike ESF The Mike Hutchens Endowed Scholarship
Isenhour, John & Nell FFESF The John & Nell Isenhour First Family Scholarship Fund
Jackson, Lutelle Elizabeth ESF The Lutelle Elizabeth Jackson Endowed Scholarship
Jarrell Family FFESF The Jarrell First Family Scholarship
Jarrell, Charles D. & Ruth ESF The Charles D. & Ruth Davis Jarrell Endowed Scholarship
Jasper, Joanna ESF The Joanna Jasper Endowed Scholarship
Jenkins, Olive & Raymond ESF The Olive & Raymond Jenkins Endowed Scholarship
Jenkins, Olive Memorial ESF The Olive Jenkins Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Johnson, Allen S. FFESF The Allen S. Johnson, Jr. First Family Scholarship
Johnson, Frances H. (Billy) ESF The Frances H. Johnson Endowed Scholarship
Jordan, Sr. Fred ESF  The N. Fred, Sr. & Katherine W. Jordan Endowed Scholarship
Kelly-Cline Scholarship The Kelly-Cline Scholarship
Kenerly-Smith Family ESF The Kenerly-Smith Family Endowed Scholarship
Kepley, Esther of Second UCC Lexington ESF The Esther Kepley Endowed Scholarship
Keppel, Alvin & Bernice FFESF The Alvin & Bernice Keppel First Family Scholarship
Kern, T. W. FFESF The Thomas W. & Sarah L. Kern First Family Scholarship
Ketner, Linda G FFESF The Linda G. Ketner First Family Scholarship
Ketner, Ralph W. & Family FFESF The Ralph W. Ketner & Family First Family Scholarship
Ketner, Robert & Family FFESF The Robert Ketner & Family First Family Scholarship
Kinard, Rosemary & Karl ESF The Rosemary & Karl Kinard Endowed Scholarship
Kirk, Jr. Phil ESF The Phillip J. Kirk Endowed Scholarship
Kirk, Phillip, Sr. & Geneva ESF The Phillip J. & Geneva B. Kirk Endowed Scholarship
Kirkland, David A. ESF The David A. Kirkland Endowed Scholarship
Kirkland, Gordon A. ESF The Gordon A. Kirkland Endowed Scholarship
Kirkland, Gordon A & Alene ESF The Gordon A. & Alene S. Kirkland Memorial Scholarship
Kiwanis Annual Scholarship, The The Kiwanis Annual Scholarship
Kizziah Memorial ESF The Dorothy Yancey Kizziah Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Kluttz, Clarence Memorial ESF The Clarence Kluttz Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Kluttz, Margaret ESF The Margaret H. Kluttz Endowed Scholarship
Kluttz, Susan ESF The Susan W. Kluttz Endowed Scholarship
Knox Family FFESF The Knox First Family Scholarship
Knox, Mary Emma ESF The Mary Emma Knox Endowed Scholarship
Kuhnert, Richard & Sally Prosser ESF The Richard & Sally Prosser Kuhnert Endowed Scholarship
Landreth, Dennis & Flora ESF The Dennis & Flora Landreth Endowed Scholarship
Landreth, Margaret ESF The Margaret "Peg" Landreth Endowed Scholarship
Laningham, Mary Anne ESF The Mary Anne Laningham Endowed Scholarship
Laughridge, Palmer ESF The Palmer G. Laughridge Endowed Scholarship
Lawrence, Brenna ESF The Brenna Lawrence Endowed Scholarship
Lee-Stevens, Kathleen ESF The Dr. Kathleen G. Lee-Stevens Endowed Scholarship
Leinbach, Roy & Alma ESF The Roy & Alma Leinbach Endowed Scholarship
Leonard, Billy Joe ESF The Billy Joe Leonard Endowed Scholarship
Leonard, Dr. J. C. ESF The Dr. J. C. Leonard Endowed Scholarship
Leonard, L. A.-St. Mark's ESF The Lawrence A. Leonard Endowed Scholarship
Leonard, P. J. & Carrie ESF The P. James & Carrie S. Leonard Endowed Scholarship
Leonard, Reid ESF The Reid Leonard Endowed Scholarship
Leonard, Theodore FFESF The Theodore P. & Jacqueline C. Leonard First Family Scholarship
Leonard, Wilford A. ESF The Wilford A. Leonard Endowed Scholarship
Lesser, W. R. & H. B. ESF The Wilbert R. & Helen B. Lesser Endowed Scholarship
Levenson, Rose E. & P. S. FFESF The Rose E. & Philip S. Levenson First Family Scholarship
Lewis, Brien, Laura, Josh and Anna Louise FFESF The Brien, Laura, Josh and Anna Louise Lewis First Family Scholarship
Linder, Robert L. ESF The Robert L. Linder Endowed Scholarship
Linn, Stahle & Jo ESF The Stahle & Jo White Linn Endowed Scholarship
Little, Charles E. ESF The Charles E. Little Endowed Scholarship
Livengood, Fred & Lucille B ESF The Fred N. & Lucile B. Livengood Endowed Scholarship
Lohr, Fred & Shirley Family ESF The Fred Lohr & Shirley Lohr Family Endowed Scholarship
Lomax, Betty Stansbury ESF The Betty Stansbury Lomax Endowed Scholarship
Lynn, Charles J. ESF The Charles Jr. Lynn Endowed Scholarship
Maccaroni, Marianne Memorial ESF The Marianne Bingham Pearson Maccaroni Endowed Scholarship
Maccaroni, Ronald J. ESF The Ronald J. Maccaroni Endowed Scholarship
Maphis ESF The Sue Maphis Family Endowed Scholarship
Marshall, Thomas R. & S. L. FFESF The Thomas R. & Sarah L. Marshall First Family Scholarship
Matheson, R. A. & M. S. FFESF The Robert A. & Murriel S. Matheson First Family Scholarship
Maydak, Vera Harrier ESF The John & Vera Frances Harrier Maydak Endowed Scholarship
Maye Family ESF The Maye Family Endowed Scholarship
Mayhew, Gertrude & Norman ESF The Norman W. & Gertrude Foust Mayhew Endowed Scholarship
McCachren, Hoyt & Minnie ESF The Hoyt & Minnie McCachren Endowed Scholarship
McDuffie, James & Darlene ESF The James Doyle & Darlene Sears McDuffie Endowed Scholarship Fund
McGimsey, Richard G. & Rachel G. ESF The Richard G. & Rachel Grant McGimsey Endowed Scholarship
McGinnis, Eula Scott FFESF The Eula Scott McGinnis First Family Scholarship
McKinley, Rebecca ESF The Rebecca Reitz McKinley Endowed Scholarship
McMordie-Singleton ESF The McMordie-Singleton Endowed Scholarship
Meehan, W. Ellis ESF The W. Ellis Meehan Scholarship
Meyer, Richard & Nancy ESF The Richard & Nancy Meyer Endowed Scholarship
Michael and Parks FFESF The Michael and Parks First Family Scholarship in memory of Hubert Parks
Michael, June & Marie FFESF The June & Marie Michael First Family Scholarship
Miller, Bachman B. ESF The Bachman B. Miller, Jr. Music Scholarship
Miller, Catherine & Robert B.Miller, Jr. ESF The Catherine & Robert B. Miller, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Miller, Robert B. III ESF The Robert (Bob) B. Miller, III Endowed Scholarship
Moir, Sam A. ESF The Sam & Betty Moir Endowed Scholarship
Moore, Fred ESF The Fred Moore Endowed Scholarship
Moore, Leland & Bonnie ESF The Leland R. & Bonnie P. Moore Endowed Scholarship
Morehead, Martha ESF The Martha Hines Morehead Endowed Scholarship
Morgan, Melvin ESF The Melvin K. Morgan Endowed Scholarship
Morris, Clarence & Peggy G ESF The Clarence E., Jr. & Margaret (Peggy) Garner Morris Endowed Scholarship
Mt. Zion UCC China Grove ESF The Mt. Zion UCC, China Grove Endowed Scholarship
Myers, G Harold & Aileen ESF The G. Harold & Aileen Lipe Myers Endowed Scholarship
Nance, E & J ESF The Elmer P. & Jean B. Nance Endowed Scholarship
Nazareth Children's Home ESF The Nazareth Children's Home Endowed Scholarship
New Gilead UCC Concord ESF The New Gilead UCC, Concord Endowed Scholarship
Newell, J. Trent & Ruth ESF The J. Trent & Ruth K. Newell Endowed Scholarship
Newton, Dora Ann ESF The Dora Ann Newton Endowed Scholarship
Noble, George A & Barbara H ESF The George A. & Barbara Hayes Noble Endowed Scholarship
Oakley, Paul ESF The Paul Oakley Endowed Scholarship
Oldenburg, Erik W & Eugenie S ESF The Erik W. & Eugenie S. Oldenburg Endowed Scholarship
Omwake-Dearborn ESF The Omwake-Dearborn Endowed Scholarship
Osborne, Katharine FFESF The Katharine W. Osborne First Family Scholarship
Osterhus, Cynthia ESF The Dr. Cynthia Osterhus Endowed Scholarship
Owens, Alice Hamm ESF The Alice P. Hamm Owens Endowed Scholarship
Oxendine Brothers ESF The Oxendine Brothers Endowed Scholarship
Palmer, Rev G. Melvin & Patsy ESF The G. Melvin & Patsy Everhart Palmer Endowed Scholarship
Palmore, Amy Collins ESF The Amy Collins Palmore Endowed Scholarship
Parham-Whitney Family ESF The Parham-Whitney Family Endowed Scholarship
Patterson, David R. Athletic ESF The David R. Patterson Athletic Endowed Scholarship
Patterson, Lewis & Blanche ESF The J. Lewis & Blanche B. Patterson Endowed Scholarship
Peace UCC, Greensboro ESF The Peace UCC, Greensboro Endowed Scholarship
Peeler, A. C. ESF The A.C. Peeler Family Endowed Scholarship
Peeler, A. Gregory & Christine FFESF The A. Gregory, Jr. & Christine Peeler First Family Scholarship
Peeler, Banks J. & Agnes A. ESF The Banks J. & Agnes A. Peeler Endowed Scholarship
Peeler, Edith W. & Joseph W. FFESF The Edith Weant & Joseph Woodrow Peeler First Family Scholarship
Peeler, Lillian C. ESF The Lillian C. Peeler Endowed Scholarship
Petree, Carl & Dorothy ESF The Carl L. & Dorothy C. Petree Endowed Scholarship
Philip Morris ESF (for 4 scholarships) The Philip Morris Endowed Scholarships
Poovey, C. Earl & Ida T. ESF The C. Earl & Ida T. Poovey Endowed Scholarship
Poovey, C. Earl & Ida T. FFESF The C. Earl & Ida T. Poovey First Family Scholarship
Popp, Joe ESF The Coach Joe Popp Athletic Endowed Scholarship
Post, Rose & Eddie ESF The Rose & Eddie Post Endowed Scholarship
Poteat, Ruth ESF The Ruth Fitzgerald Poteat Endowed Scholarship
Potemra, Colan & Courtney Blum ESF The Colan & Courtney Blum Potemra Endowed Scholarship
Potts, Charles G. FFESF The Charles G. Potts First Family Scholarship
Powell, John & Patsy ESF The John L., Jr. & Patsy Somers Powell Endowed Scholarship
Raffaelli Family ESF The Raffaelli Family Endowed Scholarship
Ramseur, Pamela Sandra, & Julie ESF The Pamela, Sandra, & Julie Ramseur Endowed Scholarship
Ramseur, Walter R. & Hilda T. FFESF The Walter R. & Hilda Troxell Ramseur First Family Scholarship
Rankin, Annie W. S. Memorial ESF The Annie Warlick Shuford Rankin Memorial Scholarship
Reitz, Richard A. Scholarship The Richard A. Reitz Scholarship
Rendleman, R. J. & P. P. FFESF The Richard J. & Patricia P. Rendleman First Family Scholarship
Rendleman, William J. FFESF The William J. Rendleman First Family Scholarship
Rhodes, Clair V. ESF The Clair V. Rhodes Endowed Scholarship
Rich, Maynard & Paul FFESF The Maynard L. & Paul L. Rich First Family Scholarship
Richards/Salisbury Civitan Club ESF The Marion M. Richards/Salisbury Civitan Club Endowed Scholarship
Rink, Ethel Memorial FFESF The Ethel Fleming Rink Memorial First Family Scholarship
Rink, Hillery H. ESF The Hillery H. Rink, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Rink, Joe ESF The Joe Rink Endowed Scholarship
Rink, John ESF The John F. Rink Endowed Scholarship
Rink, John FFESF The John F. Rink First Family Scholarship
Ritchie, Hubert A. ESF The Hubert A. & Blanche L. Ritchie Endowed Scholarship
Roakes, Charlie & Louise ESF The Charlie & Louise Roakes Endowed Scholarship
Robbins, Dave ESF The Dave Robbins Athletic Endowed Scholarship
Roberts, Thomas H. & Emily ESF The Thomas & Emily Roberts Endowed Scholarship
Robertson, Blanche S. FFESF The Blanche S. Robertson First Family Scholarship
Robertson, Julian Endowment The Julian Robertson Endowment Fund
Robertson/NCNB NationsBank FFESF The Julian H. Robertson-NCNB National Bank First Family Scholarship
Rochelle, Morton & Elizabeth ESF The Morton D. & Elizabeth B. Rochelle Endowed Scholarship
Rowe, Myrtle Smyre - Grace UCC ESF The Myrtle Smyre Rowe Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Rufty, Archibald & Frances FFESF The Archibald C. & Frances F. Rufty First Family Scholarships
Rufty, Joe Hearne FFESF The Lt. Joe Hearne Rufty Memorial First Family Scholarship
Ruth, Earl & Jane ESF The Earl B. & Jane W. Ruth Endowed Scholarship
S.C. Women's Guild ESF Southern Synodical Guild Endowed Scholarship
Sach, Esther Long ESF The Esther Long Sach Endowed Scholarship
Saleeby, Elias A. FFESF The Elias A. Saleeby First Family Scholarship
Saleeby, Rose FFESF The Rose B. Saleeby First Family Scholarship
Samuels, William & Virginia ESF The William E. & Virginia Samuels Endowed Scholarship
Sanchez, Ruby Miller ESF The Ruby Miller Sanchez Endowed Scholarship
Schofield, Joseph D. & Ann S. ESF The Joseph & Ann Schofield Endowed Scholarship
Schrumm Family ESF The Schrumm Family Endowed Scholarship
Scott, A. F. FFESF The Alan F., Betty R., & Oliver G. Scott First Family Scholarship
Second UCC Lexington FFESF Second UCC, Lexington First Family Scholarship
Seiwell, Porter & Maria FFESF The Porter & Maria Seiwell First Family Scholarship
Seiwell, Richard J. ESF The Richard J. Seiwell Endowed Scholarship Fund
Setzer, David E. ESF The David E. Setzer Endowed Scholarship
Shaver, Frank B. ESF The Frank B. Shaver Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Sherrill, William & Helen ESF The William & Helen Sherrill Endowed Scholarship
Shiloh Church, Faith NC ESF The Shiloh Church, Faith NC Endowed Scholarship
Shiring, Hazel M. & Norma A. ESF The Hazel M. & Norma S. Shiring Endowed Scholarship 
Shoe, Grady Family ESF The Grady Shoe Family Endowed Scholarship
Shone, Howard ESF The Howard Shone Endowed Scholarship
Shuford Jr, Adrian L. FFESF The Adrian L., Jr. & Dorothy L. Shuford First Family Scholarship
Shuford Jr, Wade H. & J. FFESF The Wade H., Jr. & Joanne Shuford First Family Scholarship
Shuping, Jr. Romas H. ESF The Romas H. Shuping, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Sigler, Charles & Martha ESF The Charles W. & Martha Black Sigler Endowed Scholarship
Silverburg, Dr. Sanford R. ESF The Dr. Sanford R. Silverburg Endowed Scholarship
Slipp, Eric P. ESF The Eric P. Slipp Endowed Scholarship
Smith, D. J. & M. FFESF The Daniel J. & Mary Jane Smith First Family Scholarship
Smith, Dick & Peggy ESF The Dick & Peggy Smith Endowed Scholarship
Smith, Franklin Delano ESF The Franklin Delano Smith Endowed Scholarship
Smith, Miles J. ESF The Miles J. Smith Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Smith, Tom ESF The Tom E. Smith Scholarships Program
Snider, Frank W. Memorial ESF The Frank W., Sr. & Gladys H. Snider Endowed Scholarship
Snider, Jr. Arnold H. FFESF The Arnold H. Snider, Jr. First Family Scholarship
Somers, Charles & Winifred Memorial ESF The Charles W. & Winifred Sigman Somers Memorial Endowed Scholarship 
Southard Family ESF The Southard Family Endowed Scholarship
Spencer High School Class of 1957 ESF The Spencer High School Class of 1957 Endowed Scholarship
Sports Hall of Fame ESF The Sports Hall of Fame Endowed Scholarship
Stanback, Betty Anne FFESF The Betty Anne Stanback First Family Scholarship
Stanback, Fred J. & Elizabeth FFESF The Fred J., Sr. & Elizabeth C. Stanback First Family Scholarship
Stevens, Kathleen G. Lee ESF The Dr. Kathleen G. Lee-Stevens Endowed Scholarship
Stone, Michael Shane Annual Scholarship The Michael Shane Stone Annual Scholarship
Stratton, Harvey & Carolyn ESF The Harvey & Carolyn Stratton Endowed Scholarship
Strayhorne, George V. ESF The George V. Strayhorne, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Sturkey, Ralph & Eloise ESF The Ralph & Eloise Sturkey Endowed Scholarship Fund
Summers, James A. ESF The James A. Summers Endowed Scholarship
Summersett, T. W. & Alta Mae FFESF The T.W., Jr. & Alta Mae Summersett First Family Scholarship
Swink Scholarships The Swink Scholarships of Merit
Taylor, Edward & Elizabeth ESF The Edward & Elizabeth Taylor Endowed Scholarship
Taylor, Jack & Jackie ESF The Jack & Jackie Taylor Baseball Endowed Scholarship
Taylor, Theresa L. ESF The Theresa Linn Taylor Endowed Scholarship in Drama
Thompson, Betty & Julian ESF The Julian B. & Betty Sumey Thompson Endowed Scholarship
Timoney, Simone Grant ESF The Simone Grant Timoney Endowed Scholarship
Toms, Rick & Cinda ESF The Rick & Cinda Toms Endowed Scholarship
Trexler, Adrian ESF The G. Adrian Trexler Endowed Scholarship
Trexler, Claude & Ruth ESF The Claude & Ruth Trexler Endowed Scholarship
Trinity UCC Conover FFESF Trinity UCC, Conover First Family Scholarship
Tucker, Louise ESF The Louise Tucker Endowed Scholarship
Turner, Craig & Annette ESF The Craig & Annette Turner Endowed Scholarship
Tysinger, Catherine V. Memorial ESF The Catherine V. Tysinger Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Vance, Anna Katherine Gregory Memorial ESF The Anna Katherine Gregory Vance Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Vanderford, William & Aileen ESF The William T. & Aileen Vanderford Endowed Scholarship
Waggoner Family ESF The Waggoner Family Endowed Scholarship
Wagoner, Evelyn A. and Walter P. Annual Scholarship The Evelyn A. and Walter P. Wagoner Annual Scholarship
Wagoner, J. W. & Vera FFESF  The J. W. & Vera Wagoner First Family Scholarship
Walker, Rachael Smith ESF The Rachael Smith Walker Endowed Scholarship
Wall Jr, Thomas A. & Reba Y. ESF The Thomas A.,Jr. & Reba Y. Wall Endowed Scholarship
Wallace, Charles C. & Nancy T. ESF The Charles C. & Nancy T. Wallace Endowed Scholarship
Wallace, Leo & Virginia ESF The Leo & Virginia Wallace Endowed Scholarship Fund
Wallace, Leo & Virginia FFESF The Leo & Virginia Wallace First Family Scholarship
Wallace, Mona Lisa ESF The Mona Lisa Wallace Endowed Scholarship
Walser, Jason ESF The Jason Walser Endowed Scholarship
Walters, Jack D. ESF The Jack D. & Juanita H. Walters Endowed Scholarship
Ward, Jack ESF The Jack Ward Endowed Scholarship
Warlick, Jesse W. & Ethel ESF The Jesse W. & Ethel Herman Warlick Endowed Music Scholarship
Wayland, Catherine M ESF The Catherine McAllister Wayland Humanities Scholarship
Wear, Dr. John ESF The Dr. John Wear Endowed Scholarship
Weiler, George & Jeanne ESF The George & Jeanne Brunbaugh Weiler Endowed Scholarship
West, Dr. J. King ESF The Dr. J. King West Endowed Scholarship
West, Martha ESF for Education The Dr. Martha Kirkland West Endowed Scholarship in Education
Whitehead, Lettie Pate Scholarships The Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarships
Whitener FFESF The Whitener First Family Scholarship
Whitener, Gordon & Susie McGill ESF The Gordon L. & Susie McGill Whitener Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
Whitener, Russell W. FFESF The Russell W. Whitener First Family Scholarship
Whitener, Sterling & Marie ESF The Sterling & Marie Whitener Endowed Scholarship
Whitley, Pat ESF The Dr. Patricia Rice Whitley Endowed Scholarship
Wigginton, Marvin ESF The Dr. Marvin Wigginton Endowed Scholarship
Williams, A. Bruce & Margaret R. FFESF The Bruce & Margaret Roseman Williams First Family Scholarship
Williams, Chuck & Mitzie ESF The Chuck & Mitzie Williams endowed Scholarship Fund
Williams, Dick Baseball Scholarship ESF The Dick Williams Baseball Endowed Scholarship
Williamson, James L. FFESF The James L. Williamson First Family Scholarship in Accounting
Wilson, Millard F. ESF The Millard F. Wilson Endowed Scholarship
Wilson, Robert W. Dr. & Mrs. ESF The Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. Wilson Endowed Scholarship
Wurster, Jean FFESF The Jean Miller Wurster First Family Scholarship
Wurster, Stephen H. FFESF The Stephen H. Wurster First Family Scholarship
Wyatt, Patricia ESF The Patricia Rector Wyatt Endowed Scholarship
Yokley, Arlen & Doris FFESF The Arlen & Doris Yokley First Family Scholarship
Yopp, Esther Naomi ESF The W.R. Yopp Family Endowed Scholarship