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Volunteer Catawba is open to all students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of Catawba College.

This organization coordinates the collective, collaborative volunteer effort of the college community and currently includes more than 600 committed members.

T-shirts worn by volunteers bear the words, "Catawba Cares. One campus. One community. One world." and serve as a constant reminder of a commitment to service that was established in 1851 with the inclusion of service as one of four essential virtues listed on the Catawba College seal.

Regular e-mail blasts and web postings apprise the campus community of upcoming and ongoing service opportunities. Many faculty members work with Volunteer Catawba to incorporate service-learning opportunities into curriculum. Encouraged by professors, coaches, and advisors — entire classes, athletic teams, and clubs participate in rewarding service projects, mission trips, and more. Deserving students, faculty, and staff are recognized for their service to others through the Paul Fisher Service Awards — with select award winners receiving scholarships.

There are countless needs and service opportunities on campus, in the surrounding community, and beyond. Volunteer Catawba will give a FREE t-shirt to any interested student, faculty, staff, alumni, and trustee. In exchange for your t-shirt, we ask only that you make a commitment to devote at least 5 hours to serving others during this academic year. Read more »

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If you have questions or would like more info, e-mail or call (704) 637-4488.