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Alumni Highlights

Joseph Peterson '13
Politics Major (Pre-Law); Attending Campbell University’s Wiggins School of Law

"Catawba was the ideal fit for me. The small campus setting in the South is a great environment, and I love North Carolina and Salisbury. The professors have a great line of communication with students and are never too busy to listen to you. I chose the Politics major with a concentration in Pre-Law because it is a challenging and interesting courseload, and I enjoy studying the inner workings of government and the law. I hope to someday use this major to of course graduate from law school, return to Maryland to work my way up in my local State's Attorney's Office where I currently intern, and perhaps enter the realm of local, state, and maybe even national government someday. "


Julie Gilley '12
History Major

"I've always enjoyed looking at the personal stories of history, digging deeper past the dates and understanding why things played out in certain ways. Catawba's History Department gave me this opportunity and more. All of the professors challenged me to look for new meanings in ideas and concepts I thought I knew well. But, even more, they offered to help me grow as an individual. I knew that I can ask for help in any area — whether it was understanding things from class or asking them to help me answer 'what do I really want to be when I grow up?' — and they would listen. Catawba's History faculty challenged me to grow in my future profession as a teacher as well as a person."


Kimberly Renspie '12
Political Science Major (American Politics)

"Aside from a beautiful campus set in a great small town like Salisbury, what drew me to Catawba was the opportunity to develop a close working relationship with all of my professors. I feel they were able to build upon my strengths and challenged me to excel, both in and out of the classroom. My dream is to someday work in politics at the state or local level where I feel I can have the most positive impact on those constituents. The knowledge I gained and the support I received from the very involved faculty at Catawba gave me confidence that my dream is well within my sights."


Steve Ross '12
History Major

"I chose Catawba because I wanted a small classroom where the professors knew me by name. I concentrate better and learn more with fewer people in my classes, which Catawba offers as a small college. After visiting twice and receiving such a great welcome from the Admissions staff, the Lacrosse coaches, and my campus tour guide, I knew I belonged at Catawba. I chose History as my major because I enjoyed the different History classes I took in high school. I have always enjoyed watching the different programs on the History Channel and finding out new information pertaining to History. When I began taking History courses at Catawba I was unsure about my options for the future as a History Major. After taking several classes and having countless talks with History faculty about my options, I discovered a career possibility in Historic Preservation.

After graduation, I plan on earning a Master's degree in Historic Preservation at the University of Maryland."


Crystal Ignatowski '12
Political Science Major (International Relations)

"My goal is to go to law school and eventually practice [maybe] International Humanitarian Law. I came to Catawba because of the small class sizes and the unique ability to travel ... I chose Political Science because I want to make a difference on a large scale. =)"


Ryan Dayvault '08
Political Science

"I've always been intrigued by the formulation and enactment of public policy. For me the 2000 presidential election was a major determining factor in my decision to pursue a career in politics."

NewsYes, We Have Bananas


Jermaine Shane Timmons '08

"I'm not one of those sponges for information, but I like History because it teaches me how to ask the right questions on my own. The History faculty at Catawba insisted that we be specific, and that is how I learned to be with the details, but my education at Catawba readied me for a broad range of opportunities including being a teacher if that is what I want."


Lauren Ebersole '07
Political Science (International Relations)


"I've always had a strong interest in the area of politics. With the world rapidly becoming more integrated with each passing day I found myself wanting to know more about foreign countries, their systems, and policies, fascinated by they way these systems work."

News2007 Alumna Teaching in Ghana


Ellen Devine '06
Political Science (Pre-Law)

Ellen is currently working in D.C. as the Assistant to the Staff Director for the Senate Committee on Small Business. She also serves as an Alumni Ambassador for the college.

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a full staff member on the hill."


Kristan Higgins '06
Political Science (Public Administration)

Following her graduation from Catawba, Kristan enrolled at American University and earned her Master of Public Administration degree. After working on Capitol Hill and serving as a deputy campaign manager for a D.C. councilwoman, Kristan is currently a Management Analyst with the Office of Asset Enterprise Management for the U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs.


Erin Phillips '05
Political Science (American Politics)

Erin was a former legislative correspondent and press aide on Capitol Hill after graduating from Catawba. After working for M&T Bank, Erin has returned to her alma mater to serve as an admissions counselor.


Monisha Smith '04
Political Science (International Relations)

Monisha Smith, a native of Wilmington, Del., majored in political science at Catawba and served as Student Government Association President. She now works as the Chief Clerk for U.S. Senator Thomas R. Carper (D. Del.) who serves on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committees.


Kevin Leonard '95
Political Science

As of June 1, 2009, Kevin will serve as Legislative Coordinator for the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners. Previously, he was Senior Government Relations Manager with Womble Carlyle in Raleigh, as well as the 2006 President of the North Carolina Young Lobbyists Association. In addition to his Catawba degree, he holds a Master of Public Administration degree from American University in Washington, D.C.


Bill Graham '83
Political Science

Bill is a successful businessman and practicing attorney with Wallace & Graham, PA in Salisbury, NC.


Emily C. Cline

Emily is Head Cook for the Officers' Mess in the "Following the Army Program" offered at Colonial Williamsburg’s Under the Redcoat, June 2005.


John Arrowood '79
Political Science

John Arrowood of Charlotte, NC has served as a North Carolina Court of Appeals Justice and a Superior Court Judge. Arrowood was formerly an attorney in the Charlotte firm of James, McElroy & Diehl, P.A.

Wayne R. Iskra '60

The Honorable Wayne Iskra was appointed as an Immigration Judge in Arlington, VA in April 1993. He received his B.A. from Catawba College in 1960, and his J.D. from Wake Forest University in 1963. Judge Iskra served as a trial judge while on active duty in the U.S. Army from 1963 to 1993, and served as the Chief Trial Judge on two separate occasions (1985-1988 and 1991-1993). During his Army career, Judge Iskra served a tour in Vietnam and at the Pentagon, was the chief legal advisor for various major military commands throughout the world, and retired as a Colonel from The Judge Advocate General's Corps. He is the recipient of both the Legion of Merit and Bronze Star for his military services. Judge Iskra is a member of the North Carolina Bar.