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Student Profiles

Madelin Contreras '16
Psychology Major; Spanish Minor

"I decided to study Psychology because I wanted to learn how and why individuals behave in different environment. I just found it more interesting then chemistry. I just feel studying psychology would help me understand how to help individuals with psychological problems."


Tim Conner '16
Psychology Major; Sociology Minor

"Psychology appeals to me because it enables those who are lost to find their way back!"


Abby Moore '16
Exercise Science and Psychology Double Major

"I like psychology because I want to help people lift a weight off their lives and open up to be happier, healthier individuals!"


Justin Adkins ‘16
Psychology Major; Spanish Minor

"Why I chose Psychology: I have always been interested in Sports Psychology. This has always been appealing to me ever since I started playing sports."


Grace Tworek '16
Psychology Major; Sociology Minor

"I chose to study psychology because I have always found it interesting and I can see myself finding a career in this field."


Joe McDonald '16
Psychology Major

"I hope to take a Forensic approach to psychology. I'm a Junior-transfer and excited to be a part of this community."


Kristina Bishop '16
Psychology Major; Marketing Minor

"I chose Psychology as my major because I'm fascinated with serial killers and what makes them do what they do (I watch too much Dexter), as well as everyday people. I have always wanted to help people with their problems and have been told I should pursue this field. My goal is to eventually become a Psychologist of some kind and be able to help others cope with whatever they are dealing with. I really want to talk to the criminally insane. I would be in Heaven!"


Faith Carlton '16
Individualized Major

"Psychology is a study that never cease to be amazing. As humans develop and grow so does the field of work. That’s what I love about psychology. It’s everlasting and always adapting."


Taylor King '17
Psychology Major

"I have always loved helping people, and a degree in Psychology will help me understand those people I help even more."


Dalton Moose '17
Psychology Major

"Why psych? Because there are plenty of opportunities for me after college in this field. I would like to help people in my career choice, whether that would be therapy or law enforcement."


Evan Schultz '17
Psychology Major

"My major is in Psychology because it has always been a passion of mine. My mother worked as an accountant for a therapeutic office full of psychologists that really led me to where I am today. I really want to follow in their footsteps and I knew that Catawba College was the right place to fulfill that!"


Melissa Greene '17
Psychology Major; Sociology Minor

"I find learning about people and the way they think and interact with other people is very interesting. "


Nicholas Morey '17
Psychology Major

"Psychology has always fascinated me the most in my life and I've always wondered how the human mind works. With my new-found knowledge and skills, I hope to be a therapist or a councilor to help those who need help coping with their daily troubles."


Jennifer Beach '17
Psychology Major; Biology Minor

"I'm majoring in Psychology and Biology to eventually obtain a degree in Behavioral Neuroscience because I like Brains."


Isabel Vasquez '17
Psychology Major

"I always thought that psychology was very interesting ever since I took a class in high school, but never really thought to pursue it. After high school psychology was pushed to the back of my mind. However, when I took another psychology class in college it piqued my interest. The classes that I have taken so far were very interesting; although some were more difficult than others they were still enjoyable nonetheless. In the future I am hoping to work with children as I did with my internship this summer, but then again that may change, but for now that’s what I’m hoping to do."


Josh Edwards '17
Psychology Major

"I am a psychology and sociology major. The main aspect of psychology that I love is learning how the brain functions, and the part I love best about sociology is learning why individuals behave the ways they do within a social context. Basically, I love the brain. After Catawba, I hope to further my education by either attending medical school or graduate school."


Hope Woods '18
Psychology and Biology Double Major; Environmental Science Minor

"I have interest in attending law school and am a member of the Women’s Lacrosse team here at Catawba. "


Breki Bjarnason '18
Psychology Major

"I have always been interested in what people think and why we think like we do. I thought psychology would cover that and many other interesting things. I have no idea what I want to do with my life, except I know I want to surround myself with good people and make a living doing something I enjoy, whatever that will be."


Jordan Davis '18
Psychology Major

"I like psychology because it stimulates thoughts & I also would like to help people. I'm not sure in which profession yet, but something to help others!"


Shannon Wright '18
Psychology Major; French Minor

"I have always enjoyed understanding why people are the way they are and I feel like a major in Psychology will give me the opportunity to gain more understanding as well as put it to use by helping other people. I have not decided which field of Psychology I want to go into yet."


Jordan Van Landingham '18
Psychology Major

"Hey everyone! My name is Jordan Van Landingham and I am a psychology major. I like psychology because I think it is very interesting and will give me the background knowledge that I need in order to be a Child Life Specialist. I have a passion for working with children with special needs and that is why I want to be a Child Life Specialist!"