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Updated 6/13/16

Day Program - First Semester (Fall 2016)


8-12 Monday-Friday

Pre-term Meetings

13 Saturday

First-year Students Arrive / Residence Halls Open at 9am

13-16 Saturday-Tuesday

Orientation for NEW Students

15 Monday

Upper-class Students Arrive / Transfer Registration

16 Tuesday

FIRST-YEAR Students Register / Opening Convocation

17 Wednesday

Classes Begin

24 Wednesday

Last Day to Add a Class (4pm) / Last Day to File for December & January Graduation


5 Monday

Labor Day Holiday / No Classes

16-18 Friday-Sunday

Family Weekend

26 Monday

Last Day to Remove "I" Grades Outstanding from Spring or Summer


6 Thursday

Progress Reports Due

8-11 Saturday-Tuesday

Fall Break

14 Friday

Last Day to Drop a Class (4pm) / Credit by Exam for Fall 2016 Must Be On File in Registrar's Office

28-30 Friday-Sunday

Homecoming Weekend

24-27 Monday-Thursday

Registration for Winter Term and Spring Semester

28 Friday

Last Day for Voluntary Withdrawal


23-27 Wednesday-Sunday

Thanksgiving Break

28 Monday

Classes Resume


2 Friday

Last Day of Classes

3 Saturday

Study Day

5-9 Monday-Friday

Final Exams

9 Friday

Residence Halls Close for Christmas Break at 5pm

12 Monday

All Grades Due at 7:00am

19-30 Monday-Thursday

Holiday Break/College Closed


Winter Term 2016-2017


12 Monday

Winter Term Classes Begin

13 Tuesday

Last Day to Add a Winter Term Class (4pm)

23 Friday

Last Day to Drop a Winter Term Class (4pm)


5 Thursday

Last Day of Winter Term Classes / Winter Term Grades are Due (4pm)

Day Program - Second Semester (Spring 2017)


8 Sunday

Residence Halls Open at 12pm

9 Monday

Orientation for transfer students / Registration for new students / Advising for returning students.

10 Tuesday

Classes Begin

16 Monday

Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday / College Closed

18 Wednesday

Last Day to Add a Class (4pm) / Last Day to File for May & August Graduation


20 Monday

Last Day to Remove "I" Grades Outstanding from First Semester

27 Monday

Progress Reports are Due


4-12 Saturday-Sunday

Spring Break

13 Monday

Classes Resume

14 Tuesday

Last Day to Drop a Class (4pm) / Credit by Exam Must Be on File in Registrar's Office

23 Thursday

Last Day for Voluntary Withdrawal

27-30 Monday-Thursday

Registration for Summer Session and Fall Semester 2017


14-17 Friday-Monday

Easter Break / College Closed

20 Thursday

Spring Awards Convocation


1 Monday

Last Day of Classes

2 Tuesday

Study Day

3-9 Wednesday-Tuesday

Final Exams (No Saturday Examinations)

10 Wednesday

Senior Grades Due by Noon

11 Thursday

All Grades Due at 3pm / Senior Investiture

12 Friday


13 Saturday



Summer Sessions 2017

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