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Catawba College Alumnus Named as New Assistant Director of Multicultural Programs at Gustavus Adolphus College

June 20, 2012
Category: Alumni, Communication Arts
Catawba College Alumnus Glen Lloyd has been named the new Assistant Director of Multicultural Programs at Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter, Minnesota.Lloyd's duties will include overseeing the Mentoring for Student Success Program, advising the Diversity Leadership Council, and developing…
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New Media Students Keep Life on the Cutting Edge in the Classroom

May 7, 2012
Category: Academics, Communication Arts, Students
"New Media is a high maintenance class," says Communication Prof. Cyndi Allison Wittum. "If it's in a book, then it's already 'old' media." Wittum does use a text that covers some of the history of media and includes some sociological and psychological studies related to media use. She thinks…
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Communication Department Inducts Lambda Pi Eta Honor Students

April 30, 2012
Category: Academics, Communication Arts, Events, Students
Charter members of the Catawba College Chi Omega chapter of the national Communication Association Lambda Pi Eta honor society welcomed four new members to the organization this year. New members included Rebecca Heffernan, Allison Justice, Melanie Mishue, and Leslie McMillan. They received stamped…
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Catawba Communication Professor Blogging Barbecue for Sears This Summer

April 30, 2012
Category: Communication Arts, Faculty
"People love passion," says Cyndi Allison Wittum, a Catawba College communication professor. "I always tell my students that everyone will forgive you almost any sin if you are enthusiastic and excited about what you're doing."Wittum will be blogging this summer for Sears on a "Grilling Is…
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Salisbury Post: Catawba College Students Launch Internet Radio Station

March 29, 2012
Category: Academics, Communication Arts, Music, Students
By Sarah Campbell,;LISTEN NOW:; When Bianca Stokes started brainstorming ideas for her senior project, the Catawba College student knew she wanted to combine her love of music and talking. ;It didn't take her long to land on an idea that does just that."I decided on radio…
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