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Catawba Launches New Athletics Website

October 14, 2013
Category: Alumni, Athletics, Staff, Technology
Catawba College announced the launch of a new and improved website, the official website of Catawba Athletics. The redesign process began in May and continued throughout the summer in tandem with the development of the new mobile app, which was released in early October. The…
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Catawba Professors Attend Conference and Make Presentations

October 8, 2013
Category: Academics, English, Faculty, Psychology, Technology
Wood Two Catawba College professors represented the institution recently at an international technology and higher education pedagogical conference held in Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 4-6. Dr. Erin Wood, an assistant professor of psychology, and Dr. Forrest Anderson, an assistant professor of English,…
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Catawba College Announces Release of New Athletics Mobile App

October 3, 2013
Category: Athletics, Technology
The Catawba College Athletic Department announced the release of its own mobile app in early October. The app is available free of charge for Kindle, Android, and Apple devices. StepLeader, Inc., a Raleigh-based company, developed the application for Catawba and is working to release it through…
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University Business Magazine and Higher One Honor Catawba College for Its "Model of Efficiency"

April 3, 2012
Category: Academics, Staff, Technology
Catawba College is one of 16 colleges and universities nationwide recognized by University Business magazine's Models of Efficiency program, which is sponsored by Higher One, a technology and payment services company serving higher education. The Models of Efficiency program recognizes innovative…
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Catawba College's Financial Aid Office Goes Live with New Banner System

March 10, 2011
Category: Academics, Staff, Students, Technology
There is celebration at Catawba College as the first of many offices on campus goes live with the new SunGard Higher Education Banner System. In late January, after months of training and software preparation, the Financial Aid Office began packaging financial aid for new Fall 2011 students using…
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