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Strangemen & Co. Forum & Master Class

August 28, 2017
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Catawba College welcomed the New York-based Strangemen & Company and Theatre Arts alumna Amanda Lederer ’10 to campus for a free public forum and a two-day master class exclusively for Catawba students in late August.

"Throughout the remainder of the day, we then worked with varying pieces of art, paintings, poems, dialogue, etc. and began to give a voice to them through our movement, making the action of the piece of work the most simple and sole focus. Through giving action words to abstract pieces of art, we were able to create immensely different stories and experiences for each audience member. We then applied this back to our "Little Mermaid" text, and through this means of storytelling, I believe I and many others found new, creative, and innovative ways to give life to character, and different lives to one story. I feel as if we found a fun and exciting tool we can now use when finding various ways to give life to a character as well as a story." - Emily Owens of Greensboro

Photos by Harrison Seefelt