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ALUMNA BLOG: On Assignment in Indonesia - Tolerance

September 22, 2010

Category: Alumni, Politics


by Lauren Ebersole '07 ;

I am by no means an expert on Islam or its followers, but having lived in the country with the largest Muslim population in the world for the past six months, I am going to assume I have a little more experience than much of the American population. So now, please allow me to get on my soapbox in regards to recentEvents in the U.S. I am a big believer in our Constitutional rights, but the question is to what ends do we use those rights. Do we use them to express reasoned, thoughtful opinions, or do we use them to incite fear, hatred, and further distrust? Blatant acts of disrespect directed at an entire group of people do nothing to further our position in the world. To say that all Muslims are evil or terrorists is as ignorant as saying all Christians or Americans want to burn the Al-Quran. Read more...


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