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ALUMNA BLOG: The Final Countdown & Earthquake Update (On Assignment in Indonesia)

April 13, 2012

Category: Alumni, Politics

Ebersoleby Lauren Ebersole '07

The last few months have been flying. The beginning of March was my close of service conference. Mostly three days being spoiled in a very nice hotel with good food and good friends. And also futsal and tennis.

 I basically did not teach the entire month of March due to practice national exams for grade 12, mid-semester exams for grades 10 and 11, and final school exams for grade 12. I'm back to teaching now and happy to be so, although next week will be another break for national exams.

Earthquake Update: I am completely fine. The earthquake was in Sumatra which is a completely different island so I felt nothing, just heard about it on the news like all of you. Thanks for thinking of me though. Read more...


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