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ALUMNA BLOG: One in Two Million at the Inauguration

January 28, 2009

Category: Alumni, Politics

Monisha Smithby Monisha Smith '04

My inauguration experience actually began November 5th. Working in a U.S. Senate office, our office has been greeted by thousands of phone calls from people seeking swearing-in tickets. ;

I was lucky enough to be in Denver with then Senator Obama when he became the presidential nominee for the Democratic Party and couldn't wait to see him become President Obama on January 20th. D.C. was everything you could imagine, the city was packed with celebrities, politicians, and everyday people. The spirit of the city was surprisingly calm; everyone just wanted to be a part of it. I can say I was one in two million. Here is a little of my journey.  Read more...



BLOG: One in Two Million at the Inauguration