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ALUMNUS BLOG: Sharing the Inaugural Experience from D.C. - The Best Laid Plans

January 23, 2009

Category: Alumni, Politics

Alex WillThe Best Laid Plans...
by Alex Will '08


I try not to make it a habit to start my blogs with a disclaimer, but I feel as though this entry deserves one. If you were hoping to read an entry waxing on poetically regarding the inauguration, well you came a day too early. That entry will come after I have had enough time to process what has taken place, and what I have experienced. Today's entry involves Alex getting up way too early, walking way too much and hurting in way too many places.


Now I must begin by admitting, I really didn't plan my excursion very well. I had just assumed that I would be at a significant advantage because I would be zipping my way around the city with my vast knowledge of my surroundings. Well, it didn't exactly happen that way. I left my house, on the northeast side of D.C., at about 8:00 a.m. I assumed this would be enough time to take the Metro about seven stops and walk to the National Mall. As of about 8:30, my plan was flawless.  Read more...



BLOG: Sharing the Inaugural Experience from D.C.