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Bitzer on Charlotte Police Readiness for DNC Protests

August 02, 2012

Category: Faculty, Politics

BitzerCatawba College professor of politics and political expert Dr. J. Michael Bitzer was featured in a recent AP article discussing the readiness of the City of Charlotte's police department in the case that crowd control is needed at the upcoming DNC convention.

"The city's landscape and the close proximity of the major convention venues will help security," Bitzer said.

"Everything from Time Warner Arena to Bank of America Stadium is within fairly close proximity of everything. You're going to have so many people concentrated in such a small area of the city that that's a good thing. The compactness should present a fairly clear delineation of protest space.

"It's not like with the Olympics now where you're all over England. Everybody is going to be in one kind of centralized location. The smaller the space you have to protect, the more you're going to be able to keep a close eye on a lot going on."

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