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Bitzer: How Free Are You Really?

April 02, 2013

Category: Faculty, Politics

BitzerCatawba College professor of politics and political expert Dr. J. Michael Bitzer was recently featured in a article discussing the difference in freedoms state-to-state.

A new study from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University has ranked the states based on freedom. According to the study, people in South Carolina have significantly more freedom than people in North Carolina because there is less government oversight and regulation in South Carolina.

Bitzer said the study looked at things like motorcycle helmet laws, marijuana criminalization, and marriage laws. Noting the "Libertarian" nature of the study, he said:

"This is certainly a study that is attempting to understand and define what personal freedom is. We all have our own sense and understanding of what freedom is but when you start to define it you have to basically start quantifying it and the belief that this libertarian group is taking is the least amount of government intrusion in all areas maximizes personal freedoms and liberties." 

Read the full story below:

NewsFULL STORY: Government Oversight, Regulation: How Free Are You Really? (

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