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Bitzer on N.C. GOP Leaders' Plan To Cut, Expand Taxes

May 08, 2013

Category: Faculty, Politics

BitzerCatawba College professor of politics and political expert Dr. J. Michael Bitzer was recently featured on WFAE discussing the North Carolina GOP Leaders' plan to cut and expand taxes.

Bitzer  said it is an ambitious plan.  "In conjunction with the budget, with voter I.D., with a lot of other big-ticket items that Republicans campaigned on, this is probably going to be the most controversial and biggest hurdle that they're going to have to try and get through if they want these things to be implemented starting next year" Bitzer said.

He said the fight over the tax proposal will really heat up once the Republican senators behind it reveal all the new services the sales tax would cover. They haven't filed a bill yet with all the details.  

Listen and view more below:

NewsLISTEN: N.C. GOP Leaders Unveil Plan To Cut, Expand Taxes  (

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