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BLOG: Notes from Brussels - First Week on the Job in Brussels, Belgium

June 02, 2008

Category: Academics, Business & Economics, Students

SoltanFirst Week on the Job in Brussels, Belgium
by Shahin Soltan '09

After arriving a few hours late and missing our plane due to my traveling buddy's ticket issues, we got on the next available flight and arrived safely in Brussels, Belgium. Because of the fact that we were late, our driver had left us and we had to pay 40 euros (equivalent of about 65 U.S. dollars). At the time, we didn't think of how expensive a 15 minutes drive was in Belgium, all we could think about how nice it could be to have a bed to lay down on. Total flight time from Charlotte, N.C., to Brussels, Belgium is about nine hours but since we stopped in Munich, Germany, it took us a little bit longer and we arrived in Brussels around 12 p.m. Read more...



BLOG: Notes from Brussels (Internship)

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