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BLOG: Women's Soccer Team in Great Britain - Day 5

August 12, 2008

Category: Athletics, English, Students

NicholsDay 5
by Lainey Nichols '09


This morning was fairly uneventful. A group of us, consisting of Big Cat (Catawba alumna Catherine Ballentine) Lays (sophomore, Layla Ghorbani), Becks (Becky Factau), and Paige Harrington (senior forward) walked in the rain to a nearby library like a line of baby ducks. This weather is beyond soupy. I was a drowsy kid today.


"The pavements go everywhere," as Coach [John Cullen] says, monitoring our crossing like a mama duck was Big Cat dropping, "Go on!!! Go on then!!!" in a British accent whenever the situation called for it — this was often. This phrase was used quite frequently throughout the day, directed at those in the front of lines overwhelmed by the members of Cardiff's "Barmy Army."  Read more...



BLOG: Women's Soccer Team in Great Britain