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Catawba Alumna Retires from Overton after Teaching 24 Years

June 16, 2011

Category: Alumni, Teacher Education

CarpenterEDITOR'S NOTE: Catawba College alumna Dinah Carpenter is retiring from Overton Elementary School after teaching 24 years.  Carpenter received her teaching certification from Catawba.


By Sarah Campbell,

For years, Dinah Carpenter's fourth-grade classroom at Overton Elementary School was a playground for the imagination.

Every corner of the room was filled with books, posters, photos, poems and trinkets to draw students in.

"I want the room to be warm and inviting because I always tell them this is where you are going to be, this is your room," Carpenter said. "It's very important that they have a good feeling when they walk in my room."  Read more...


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