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Catawba Alumnus and Trustee Explains Role of Technology in Keeping Us Interconnected

April 07, 2011

Category: Alumni, Business & Economics

Catawba College alumnus and trustee, Daniel Bross ’71, who serves as Microsoft's Senior Director Corporate Citizenship, penned the following article for Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship. Bross, who serves on the Advisory Board of that Center, writes eloquently of our global interconnectedness and the role of technology in bringing and keeping us together, especially in times of global crisis. We share his article with the permission of the Center:

"No Challenge Too Tough When Collaboration Plugs into Partnerships "
By Daniel Bross '71, Senior Director Corporate Citizenship, Microsoft for

As Steve Ballmer wrote in his introduction to our FY10 Corporate Citizenship Report, "Microsoft has a long tradition of taking on tough challenges on a global scale ... it started with our original vision of a computer on every desk and in every home." The world has changed since Bill Gates articulated that vision over 30 years ago andEvents over the past three months bring into clear focus the growing role technology has played in addressing those tough challenges. We operate in an increasingly connected world – yes, connection through technology — but also perceive that connected world through another lens – the lens of collaboration and partnership. Read more...

NewsFULL STORY: "No Challenge Too Tough When Collaboration Plugs into Partnerships" (