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Catawba Alumnus is Fundamental for Piedmont Players

July 12, 2012

Category: Alumni, English, Theatre Arts

EDITOR'S NOTE: Reid Leonard is a 1976 graduate of Catawba College, where he majored in Theatre Arts and English. Leonard later taught playwriting classes at Catawba in the 1980s. ;By Lawrence Toppman, ;

LeonardIf you're Reid Leonard, the best thing about running Piedmont Players Theatre may be the chance to hold production meetings in your own bathtub.

Leonard's official title, according to the PPT website, is "resident director/designer." His unofficial title might be "selector of shows, director of plays, designer of sets, hanger and focuser of lights, coordinator of volunteers and (on the morning of my visit last week) the guy who cheerfully hangs the name of the next show up on the theater's marquee."

Technically, that should be the theaters' marquees: He oversees not only the Meroney (for adult shows) but the Norvell (for children's plays) – both of which opened during his tenure. And the man in charge of them continues to defy preconceptions. Read more...


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