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Catawba Bids Farewell to Dr. Mark Sabo

June 11, 2014

Category: Academics, Chemistry, Faculty

MarkSabo.jpgDr. Mark Sabo resigned from Catawba's faculty at the end of the '13-'14 academic year to accept a position as professor of forensic science at Tiffin University in northwest Ohio.  

Dr. Sabo joined Catawba as an assistant professor of chemistry in 1998 and was named a full professor in 2008. He has served as director of the Catawba Analytical Research Laboratory since 2000 and chair of the chemistry department since 2005.

Dr. Sabo has contributed a wide-variety of courses for Catawba's students, from general education and majors courses in chemistry to honors courses and even "fundamentals of scuba diving." His work with student research has also been a significant contribution to the campus, along with his service to the Federal Bureau of Investigation with their Counterterrorism and Forensic Science Research Unit.

In his resignation letter to Catawba, Dr. Sabo wrote:  "Students have and always will give my life purpose. They are a huge blessing to me for many reasons. My experience at Catawba has made it very clear to me that I am on this earth to teach. My students have taught me this and much more."