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Catawba College Professors Exhibit Their Work

January 17, 2012

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Photo by Sean Meyers

Photo by Sean Meyers
Catawba College Professors Sean Meyers and Janice Moore Fuller will be on hand for the opening of an exhibit of their photographs and poems on Thursday, January 26, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Waterworks Visual Arts Center, Delhaize Room.  The exhibit entitled "This Has Been My Life All My Life: Portraits of Residents, Lutheran Home-Winston Salem, North Carolina" includes 16 pairings of photographs and poems based on interviews with the residents.  The opening reception will include a reading of some of the poems.

The Lutheran Home in Winston-Salem is a non-profit facility administered by the Lutheran Services for the Aging (LSA).  In 2001, LSA took over what was then a failing, privately owned rest home (Maple Grove) that served a primarily indigent population.  During the past 10 years, LSA has struggled to maintain a safe home and dignified life for these residents and a reasonable level of care in a facility that had long suffered from neglect.

Most of the residents Meyers and Fuller have interviewed will not create art of their own.  For that reason, it is the goal of this project to create art from their words, their hands, their faces, their memories, even their dreams.  Most importantly, this project hopes to remind the world that these human beings existed and to honor them by naming them, giving them voice, and preserving images of the bodies they have inhabited.

Meyers teaches Digital Photography at Catawba, and Fuller is Writer-in-Residence and a member of the English Department faculty.

Their collaborative exhibit will run from January 18 through March 17 at the Waterworks Visual Arts Center, located at 123 East Liberty Street, Salisbury.



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