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Catawba Mathematics Professor Attends Conference, Makes Presentations

April 19, 2015

Category: Academics, Faculty, Mathematics

PaulBaker.jpgDr. Paul Baker, professor of mathematics and computer science at Catawba College, attended the Southeast Regional Conference of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) in March during the College’s spring break.

At the conference on 14 March, he presented a review (co-authored with his fellow professor of mathematics at Catawba, Dr. John Zerger) of the book “Finding Zero” by Amir Aczel. The book summarized archaeological, historical and linguistic evidence that the earliest use of the number zero took place in Cambodia during the Ancient Khmer Empire.

Baker also presented “Anything Besides Zero?” that examined various reasons that the Khmer Empire did not give birth to other important mathematical discoveries.

While at the conference, he served as liaison with the national officials of the MAA.

On April 2 at Downtown Catawba, Baker presented “Ethical Economic Choices in International Business” that focused on several ethical dilemmas he has encountered during the dozen mission trips he has made reaching out to the orphans of Cambodia.